Thursday, 10 July 2014

Turning Dreams Into Green

Ooh I love wearing cat ear shaped handbands-I should make  my own and sell them..Noooo
Yesterday I was chatting to a wonderful friend who is also possessed of a creative entrepreneurial spirit. We were discussing how we were both guilty of always turning our loves and passions into business plans and how actually this isn't always the smart move.
When I taught  self employment workshops one of my tips was "Love what you do" its good advice, building a business takes time, commitment and if what you are selling bores you to tears it will be very hard to maintain your enthusiasm. Proceed with some caution though.If you turn a source of joy into an income stream prepare for that passion to lose its shine.
We Brits are a entrepreneurial lot, as soon as anyone exhibits a talent for anything we immediately encourage them to set up a business. 
The world of successful self employment is littered with stories of mums who made great cakes now tuning over 2 million a year with their bespoke cupcake company or brides who loved planning their weddings so much they now event manage for a living. 
These examples are great for helping show that from small ideas can come real opportunity but chances are the cake maker now hates decorating cupcakes as she stands until 2am pipe bag in hand and the wedding planner has realised that when its not your own wedding, spending three hours discussing chair covers is kind of tedious.
Only 500 left to decorate
Pic by Strongman cakes

I did it myself, I loved burlesque. Before it hit the mainstream I revelled in visiting little clubs and seeing beautiful creative performers. As I travelled with my job I was able to visit the coolest clubs around the world and this of course led me to want to set up my own event.
Running my own burlesque night-it was fun but I should have just remained an audience member
I'm not saying I didn't enjoy hosting a burlesque revue in my home town but its fair to say after a year and five gigs the sequins started to tarnish Its hard to enjoy a burlesque performance when you are worried that the door takings will leave you in the red after you have paid the dancers. Even now years after closing the doors on my tassel twirling venture I have little interest in going to see burlesque-something that was a source of enjoyment was diminished by the action of attempting to turn it into an income stream.
So whats the solution? I think its all about balance. 
Choose a business idea that interests you, that you know you have a flair for and that you truly believe in.Its fine if its a hobby and great if its a joy bringer but make sure you have other interests to replace it for when you need to unwind and relax. 
Be protective of the things in your life that make you happy. Money and work come and go but finding things that genuinely fill every cell with good vibes is rare so think very carefully before you turn it into a business plan.
Dreams can be turned into green but choose wisely.


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