Thursday, 3 July 2014

The Perfect Shape For A Tee Shirt? Its Body Shaped

Its summer! The weather swings between hot, humid and everything in between and that can only mean one thing-tee shirts. Except if you are plus size and the thought of wearing a tee shirt or vest fills you with dread.
There are a few clothing items which seem to be real anxiety causers when you are plus size. The obvious one is a swimsuit often followed by a fitted teeshirt. 
 A lot of women derive a lot of their confidence from "clever dressing" well tailored jackets, dresses that skim but don't cling, tunics that cover upper arms and juicy booties but so much of this is simply too hot, sweaty and just unseasonal for really hot weather.
I've met so many gorgeous plussies who refuse to wear a tee shirt because they are convinced it will cling to their tummies, make their generous bangers look matronly or they simply wont accept that a tee shirt can look good on anyone who doesn't have a teeny tiny waist and pert boobs.
Now as you know I along with my better half Nicky Rockets designed my own range of tee shirts basically because I wanted a classic pin up style tee shirt featuring a fat vixen to wear.I have a big tummy, large boobs and no waist and yet my fat little figure models all the teeshirts on our website.
Its me, size 20 with a shape that can only be described as "egg on legs" do I feel self concious in this tee shirt, no I feel brilliant

The Curevella and Invasion of the killer curves tee shirts sell worldwide and I'm really lucky because often ladies send me pictures or tag me on social media wearing said tees. This means I have folders full of pictures of really hot curvy women of all different sizes, shape and weight looking magnificent in tee shirts. 
They say a pictures paints a thousand words so without further ado here is real photographic evidence that everybody looks great in a tee shirt.  Check out these babes rockin out the tee.Everyone of them has their own unique style, they all wear it differently, they all look awesome.

Don't have an uncomfortable summer feeling you can't chuck on a tee and shorts on a sunny day-you can and you will look awesome!
It doesn't have to be one of mine but whichever style, colour or type of tee shirt you choose if you want to wear one just do it! 
Whether you choose round neck, tight fitting, baggy, slash neck or ladyfit there will be a tee shirt with your name on it.
Thanks to all the ladies whose pictures I have used. You chicks inspire me more than you could ever know.

And here is my latest video-if you would like to see more of these subscribe to my Youtube channel

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