Monday, 28 July 2014

Pretty Green Dress from Camdentown

Do you ever order a dress online and are not sure if it will be amazing or well..a bit weird.
That's exactly how I felt when I sent off for this green Maxi dress £42.99 by
Sure on the model it looked stunning but I wasn't sure how it would translate onto my generous curves. 
I adored the tulip/puff ball style bottom and you know how much I love pockets but these shapes are always a lottery when you carry a lot of treasure in your booty.
How the dress looks on the website

It arrived today and as soon as I opened it I was blown away with how beautiful the peony design was. It feels painted on (note to self read the care label) and is just exquisite.

How dainty is this design
The proof of the dress is in the wearing though and I was so desperate to see if it fitted and looked half as good as I hoped that I stripped off in the kitchen and put it on there and thenWell thank the goddess I only absolutely chuffing love it!!!

J'Adore this dress
The green is so vibrant, I feel like a juicy apple  and the linen has that wonderful crisp feeling that's so welcome in this sweltering weather.

Having  a fumble

The cut is everything I had hoped for. I'm a sucker for this shape dress. Its works so well with my figure, plenty of room around the middle and nipped in and out without being too hourglass. Its like a softer version of  a wiggle dress I guess.

Camouflaging with the night scented stock

At the moment this brand stocks sizes 6- 20 (here's hoping they get more plus sizes in soon) and this is the 20 and is actually quite generous especially around the chest and arms.So if you are between size 20/22 you will probably find this fits fine.

Peony perfection

I'm feeling vaguely oriental so have put a Lilly in my hair and chucked on my wedge shoes and leopard print bag as the green handle works with the green of the dress wonderfully.

Working in some leopard print with my Juicy Couture bag

The heart shaped neckline is high enough that I'm not worrying about showing too much cleavage and the length hits just past the knee. Hallelujah.

This dress really feels like a statement and I will definitely consider buying  a few more from Camdentown. They have got some amazing designs and prints. The plus size peacock in me has already bookmarked a few more frocks.
Mister truffles the plus size pug approves

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