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Plus Size Babe In Toyland: Plus size lingerie by Nine X review

Killer Curves

I adore pretty nightwear. If I could I would spend my life clip clopping around the house in fluffy mules with a marabou trimmed housecoat on. 
There is something so old Hollywood glamour about ditching my usual casual nightwear and swapping them for something fussy and impractical.I feel like Joan Crawford (Tina bring me the axe) or maybe Joan Collins in Dynasty-definitely a Joan.

Hollywood Glamour in nightie form

I was sent this lovely baby doll nightie £16.49 by plus size lingerie brand Nine X (sizes 8-30) and its been absolute godsend in this hot weather. Its light as a feather and so comfortable. A few years ago I would have worn this as outerwear but I'm past my Courtney Love/Babes in toyland phase now (just)

Draw me like one of your French girls Jack
I get sent lots of requests to review this sort of thing (plus size hottie is my tagline I guess)  and the one thing that swayed me to say yes to Nine X was that their facebook page features the most beautiful plus size girls modeling their ranges. Women who are similar to me in size and shape which is actually quite rare and so refreshing.

Loving Nine X's product shots 

I picked the black satin baby doll as its got a look of something a showgirl in a saloon would wear. In it I feel like a dancer backstage at the Moulin rouge. 
The fit is really comfortable and I really like the wide stretchy straps as it means you can sleep in it without them digging in. I'm also loving that it isn't cut under the bias so no twisting around you.

Love the stretchy straps
The length of this is shorter than the product picture suggests. I'm five foot three and it hits my knee so is a classic baby doll length really.
The contrasting red against the black is really striking and the red trim on the hem looks like an underskirt.The bow detail is sweet too and the cut of the neckline means you are not showing too much cleavage which is a nice touch.

They have some gorgeous colourways to choose from too if red and black is too much "tart with a heart" for you.I quite taken with the gothic purple one too.

The only thing worth noting is that I asked for a size 20 which is my preferred size in nightwear as its loose enough to be comfortable. The nightie I received has 4XL in the label but fits like a size 20 (which would usually be a size 1XL) so keep that in mind if you order. I will ask Nine X for some clarification on that and post an update.

You can view Nine X Plus size collection here

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