Tuesday, 1 July 2014

I Got A New Rose: Simply Be Alice Dress

I got a new rose, I got it good
Top marks if you got my lame nod to the Damneds first single in my blog title. Old punks I salute you.
I'm all about the florals at the moment. I particularly love roses. They are the brash, common loud mouths of the garden like a red lipstick mark on a white collar. From hot pink to blood red to snow white I love the velvet feel of their petals and the potential prick from their thorns. Beautiful with a "look don't touch" mentality-perfection.

So this frock by Alice and you £28 for Simply be is ticking all my style boxes. Its made in a thick scuba type fabric (I always say this in a french accent in my head as it reminds me of the french scuba instructor in the film "along came Polly" who stands naked asking "I teach you to scuba?") and is a simple shift style which I've put with a thin black belt as I always feel slightly boxy in an uncinched in shift dress.

36 inches of floral loveliness
The length is 36 inches so sits just above my knee and I have worn it with black leggings and a pair of ballet flats. yes I know its a tried and tested formula but this is my style and I like it.Bite me.

Zip me up baby
The dress feature's a fab zip detail at the back. Its always the sign of a well made frock when it has a nice chunky zip and I like the fact it goes to the small of my back, just waiting to be unzipped!

I'm wearing my lipgloss queen necklace as I think it picks out the pink and red in the print as does my pink birken bag. 

Over 40 wearing a headband and not one eff given
Never knowingly under accessorised I'm also wearing  a bow headband-I realise their is more than a hint of whatever happened to baby Jane to a woman over 40 wearing  a bow in her hair but frankly my dears I don't give a damn.

The Pug of love

My ultimate accessory though is of course Mister Pickles the Pug of love. Just look at that face. I want to smoother it in kisses, in fact I think I will.

Mister Truffle
And here is the Damned song I spoke of earlier. Still brilliant after all these years.

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