Thursday, 24 July 2014

Chelsea Girl Outfit

The sun is rising and I am ready for the world

Today I'm keeping my outfit simple. I have back to back meetings and need to look smart but that doesn't have to mean boring.
I picked this black stretchy dress up for a tenner in the Dorothy Perkins sale (see similar here) and knew it would be a great piece to wear with my growing collection of patterned kimonos and jackets.

Back to black
I've had this animal print boyfriend blazer by Simply Be for a good year and for such a full on print its had so much wear. I always feel slightly Alexis Carrington power bitch in it .Its proof, if proof were needed (and in my world its not) that clothes with strong prints and unusual fabrics do have a lifespan past one season.
Bitch in a beehive
My hair is totally inspired by the Shangri-Las whose music is always on my i-pod when the weathers hot. Today I listened to one of my all time favourite tracks "I can never go home any more" If you love sixties girl group music  (and why wouldn't you) these are the best. I played this track to my eight year old daughter as a warning about daughters who are horrible to their mothers.She laughed in my face and called it boring.

Back to the outfit.My leggings are from Taking Shape.They always remind me of Madonna during her Desperately Seeking Susan era. Still a massive influence on my fashion choices even today.

Finally I want to showcase my new boots.

These catwalk collection chain ankle boots which are £45 by fashionworld  tick so many of my style boxes. They are one part riding boot to two parts Chelsea boot with a dash of punk rock attitude and even though we are experiencing a mini heatwave in the UK I just want to wear them-so I shall.

I love how at the front they look sleek, shiny and glossy and at the back they are just slightly edgy-details like this lift footwear from the ordinary to the extraordinary
You will never break the chain
Mister Truffles the plus size pug is also quite taken with them.
Photos by Nicky Rockets

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