Thursday, 31 July 2014

6 Things You Will Experience As A Blogger

I have been blogging for five years and in that time I have seen the blogger landscape totally change and of course have experienced various ups and downs. Here are six things I have learnt:

#1 Its easier to write when no one is reading but more rewarding to write when someone is

When you first start blogging chances are very few people apart from your mum and best friend will read it. Even they may not know of its existence which gives you a delicious sense of freedom. You can write what you like, with no fear of recriminations, because in the great blogger pool you are not even a little fish, you are frog spawn.
Then one day the most beautiful email pops into your mailbox "you have a new follower" soon you will have a few more and before you know it a little army of faithful subscribers will be checking in to see what you have written every day. This can be exhilarating and scary.
 Instant feedback on your writing is wonderful but can also be deflating and even hurtful. Knowing someone is reading your output can really affect how you write, particularly if its someone you may know in the outside world. My advice-write as if no one will read your blog. If you over think it your writing will become mannered and formulaic. Blogs are about spontaneity and the anarchy of unedited words hitting cyberspace. Write using a pseudonym if it makes you feel more comfortable but always maintain a grain of truth in your blog, otherwise you might as well be writing press releases.

#2 People may think you are a tosser

As soon as your blog gains some wider recognition you will attract haters. For every person who really likes your world view or digs your style there will be another who has decided you are an arrogant nit wit who needs pulling down a peg or two. 
To this end they may leave shitty anonymous comments on your blog or if you are really lucky create a thread listing all the ways you are a tool on sites like Gossip Guru. Nothing prepares you for this, nothing stops it feeling like a strange online assault and time does not soften the blow.
If and when this happens have a rant, turn the laptop off and engage with some of your real life buddies. Its hard to have perspective but its basically the opinion of someone you probably don't know and even if you did you wouldn't like. As the saying goes "your opinion is not my reality"

#3 You will suffer blogger guilt

Blogger Guilt can hit you at any time and for me is usually associated with the following.

  • I am late reviewing a sample which has been sent to me
  • I haven't replied to the lovely comments left on my blog
  • I haven't promoted my blog enough across social media
  • I don't know enough about SEO and code so am a numpty
  • I am too busy/uninspired/spotty to take any outfit photos
Different bloggers will feel guilt about different things and boy do bloggers love to make each other feel guilty too. From raging debates about the ethics of receiving free samples to twitter discussions about whether fashion blogs contribute to patriarchal oppression. Someone, somewhere will be trying to make a bloger feel rubbish about themselves. Just do your best. Remember your blog is making people happy for free. You are an online philanthropist.

#4 You will occasionally be hotshit

Leave a monkey in a room with a typewriter for long enough and he will write Shakespeare. Let a blogger post enough and they will occasionally hit pay dirt. Your golden moment may be an article going "viral" or a twitter hashtag you come up with trending all day. You might feature on huffington post or be contacted by a brand who love you so much they want you to work with them for actual money rather than free polyester. This dear friend may be the beginning of bigger things or it may just be a spike in an otherwise fairly underwhelming blogger profile. Enjoy it, milk it, don't let anyone rain on your parade. 

#5 You will be dropped like a hotshit

One minute you are the brands darling, your inbox heaving with press invites and the postman grumbling at the amount of parcels he is delivering to your door full of free review items. The next you are suddenly experiencing a freeze which makes Narnia look like Acapulco. 
Try not to take it too personally. Sure its nice to be considered relevant enough that PR companies want to engage with you but if you base your entire blogs worth on this it will leave you very miserable indeed when they suddenly start giving you the blogger swerve. Sometimes you are ahead, sometimes you are behind. the race is long and in the end its only with yourself to quote the wonderful Baz Lurhmann 

#6 Your page views will go up and down like a brides nightie

Popularity comes and goes but if you are lucky you will continue to attract readers who love what you do. Having popularity peaks and troughs is part and parcel of writing regular content. This is especially true if your blog covers more than one subject or if you decide to branch out from your original raison d'etra
Losing readers who only liked you when you wrote about a specific thing can really help you rediscover your blog heart again. I started off writing about all things vintage inspired and as my blog became more about fashion and crafts I did lose some readers but just as I as a creative person needed to expand my horizons so my blog needed to grow.
Eventually I gained more readers than before and I feel comfortable that my blog reflects my varied interests and passions. Sure the core of it is plus size fashion but if I want to feature a craft project, an opinion piece or a make up tutorial I will and thankfully this seems to work. 

I have so much more to share with you on this subject but for now I will leave you. If you are a blogger I hope this has made you smile and nod in agreement (or be baffled at how different my experience has been) if you are a non blogger thank you for reading to the end. Normal service resumes tomorrow.

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Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Plus Size Playsuit from Yours Review

There are so many pretty playsuits around at the moment but until now I have never tried one.
I wasn't sure the style would work particularly well with my shape and the thought of having to virtually strip naked to go to the loo wasn't that appealing.
All this changed this week when I saw this little beauty from Yours  for £30 and just fell in love with the print and colour so decided to give it a go. I'm so glad I did as I'm now a playsuit convert.
How it looks on the Yours website

There is something weirdly liberating about  having your legs out with absolutely no fear of flashing your knickers.Walking the plus size pug Mister Truffles along a breezy seafront was made all the more enjoyable  safe in the knowledge I wouldn't be frightening the windsurfers with my Bridget Jones style big pants. 

I'm a playsuit convert

The style of this playsuit has also encouraged me to wear something slightly shorter than my usual preference and in this heat that's so welcome.
There is a certain seventies vibe to a playsuit, I associate them with Bianca Jagger at studio 54 or leggy lovelies showing off their tanned pins in playsuits in Cannes.
The legs are out and the no one batted an eyelid

Sure my legs in the past were probably one of my most hated features but since deciding to love my body rather than loathe it Ive become less and less self concious and its great to give my wobby white tree trunks an airing. Weirdly the world didn't stop and nobody died, a fat chick just got her legs out in the summer sun and all was well.

Perfect size for my plus size

I got my usual size 20 which at Yours is always spot on but if you carry extra weight around the tummy area you may want to size up as it does have a tendency to slightly bunch up around the inner leg area so with this particular suit bigger is better.

Having been a bit cautious about this neckline I now think it really works
Yet again I was unsure if the fairly high neckline and narrow straps would do much for me being as I am quite blessed in the boob department. I'm not sure if its the colour, the cut or just that I no longer care but I feel fabulous in this and actually really like the neckline.

No pockets but you can't have everything I guess

It doesn't have pockets (which as you know I adore) but maybe they wouldn't work with this style anyway but apart from that I am thoroughly enjoying my first foray into the world of the playsuit and will definitely be getting a few more.

Do playsuits tickle your pickle?
Is it a style that tickles your pickle? Come with me and join the plus size playsuit club.

All Photos by Nicky Rockets

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Tuesday, 29 July 2014

The British Plus Size Awards 2014

Soaking it all in at last years awards

How fast time flies. It seems only yesterday that I was excitedly getting ready to go to the Plus size awards and now details have been announced about this years event.
A celebration of all things plus size I had an absolute ball last year. I wore my lovely Mermaid dress (which Beyonce then copied) posed on the red carpet, ate scrummy food, drank far too much fizz and even accepted an award on behalf of Accesorise.

Milking my five minutes on stage

I was nominated for best plus size blogger ( which went to the magnificent Fuller Figure, Fuller bust) and awards were given to various categories all celebrating plus size fabulousness.

I won, I won-prize for most green sequins on one frock

The next British Plus Size Awards, will be taking place on Saturday 22nd November 2014 at the exquisite Radisson Blu Portman Hotel, 22 Portman Square in London. 
Yet again its a black tie event (such a good excuse for a va va voom frock) which starts on the red carpet, moves onto a champagne reception, followed by an award winning 3 course meal during the awards and show (the food last year was really good and as a very picky vegetarian that is high praise indeed)
Hanging with beautiful blogger Mrs Bebe and Rivkie from Slink magazine

As with last year there will be plenty to watch including Performances by the amazing Rosie O’Sullivan (who I saw at Plus North last year, her voice is beautiful) along with the inspiring Emma Halsam who shocked the nation with her plus size pole dance on this years BGT the legendary Blobby Williams ‘The true heavy weight of pop and comedy’ as well as a few more to be announced.
Hanging with Gemma Collins who is one of this years award hosts along with Jeff Brazier
Whilst the glitz and glamour of last years event remains the same there are some differences which I think will make it even better.
This year its all about the awards. There will be no pageant element, ensuring that the awards themselves are the star of the show. To this end there will also be some additional categories added so all aspects of plus size positivity can be recognised and celebrated.I am also delighted to report that a certain Ms Hopkins will not be invited.
If you feel a fashion brand, blogger or celebrity deserves some recognition for helping make our plus size worlds a nicer place pop on over and give them a vote (I'm not to proud to say I would love a nomination) Tickets will be on sale soon from the BPSA website with a percentage going to this year’s charity CRY I will give you a shout when they are available.There is also a blogger specific giveaway in the works which is rather exciting indeed-keep your eyes peeled!

If you are a company who would like to sponsor the British Plus Size Awards 2014 please drop them an email here

Me and Baba at last years awards

I guess I should start looking at frocks-what can possibly top the chubby mermaid?

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Monday, 28 July 2014

Pretty Green Dress from Camdentown

Do you ever order a dress online and are not sure if it will be amazing or well..a bit weird.
That's exactly how I felt when I sent off for this green Maxi dress £42.99 by
Sure on the model it looked stunning but I wasn't sure how it would translate onto my generous curves. 
I adored the tulip/puff ball style bottom and you know how much I love pockets but these shapes are always a lottery when you carry a lot of treasure in your booty.
How the dress looks on the website

It arrived today and as soon as I opened it I was blown away with how beautiful the peony design was. It feels painted on (note to self read the care label) and is just exquisite.

How dainty is this design
The proof of the dress is in the wearing though and I was so desperate to see if it fitted and looked half as good as I hoped that I stripped off in the kitchen and put it on there and thenWell thank the goddess I only absolutely chuffing love it!!!

J'Adore this dress
The green is so vibrant, I feel like a juicy apple  and the linen has that wonderful crisp feeling that's so welcome in this sweltering weather.

Having  a fumble

The cut is everything I had hoped for. I'm a sucker for this shape dress. Its works so well with my figure, plenty of room around the middle and nipped in and out without being too hourglass. Its like a softer version of  a wiggle dress I guess.

Camouflaging with the night scented stock

At the moment this brand stocks sizes 6- 20 (here's hoping they get more plus sizes in soon) and this is the 20 and is actually quite generous especially around the chest and arms.So if you are between size 20/22 you will probably find this fits fine.

Peony perfection

I'm feeling vaguely oriental so have put a Lilly in my hair and chucked on my wedge shoes and leopard print bag as the green handle works with the green of the dress wonderfully.

Working in some leopard print with my Juicy Couture bag

The heart shaped neckline is high enough that I'm not worrying about showing too much cleavage and the length hits just past the knee. Hallelujah.

This dress really feels like a statement and I will definitely consider buying  a few more from Camdentown. They have got some amazing designs and prints. The plus size peacock in me has already bookmarked a few more frocks.
Mister truffles the plus size pug approves

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Sunday, 27 July 2014

Dear Sir/Madam My Body Is Not A Problem To be Solved

I don't know about you but I am absolutely sick to the back teeth with having to deal with body snarking fat shamers masquerading as service providers. To this end I have written a response to a few of the worst offenders:

My Body is not a problem to be solved

Dear Air plane Cabin Crew
Come fly with us-except for you fat girl

The purpose of a seatbelt is to keep my body safely secured in its seat in the rare likelihood we crash. Said seatbelt is too tight for my fat belly. I am not prepared to die rather than face embarrassment (I'm weird like that) When I ask for a seat belt extender please refrain from smirking or shouting down the plane to your colleague to get one. Being fat does not mean I deserve to die. My body is not a problem- the length of your seatbelt is.

Dear Theme park ride operator
All the fun of the big fat fair

Despite being an overweight lazy burden on society here I am walking without losing breath, spending the money I earn (despite apparently being unemployable according to the likes of Katie Hopkins) and enjoying time with my child. I'm aware that I may not fit on all the rides but god loves a trier and if I can squeeze my booty onto the pirate ship then ahoy captain I will. 
You do not need to mutter under your breath or look affronted when I have to get off the ride because the harness wont fit.As much as I love a thrill plunging to my death on a fibreglass ship is not on my bucket list. My body is a not a problem-make your ride seats bigger.

Dear Wedding Dress Shop Assistant
I'm holding up a hand mirror so you can't see how awful you look-Ok?

Yes I understand that it is still de rigueur for brides to be to starve themselves into hollow eyed slenderness and that by presenting my fat body to you  I am possibly an affront to the entire wedding industry but I am still getting married and need a frock. Telling me that all your samples are in a size 12  and pinning a grubby piece of muslin to the back of said dress as it obviously won't do up is really humiliation enough. Rolling your eyes and looking vaguely disgusted is far more ugly than the sight of my rolls of fat encased in ill fitting polyester. My body is not a problem-get bigger sample sizes.

Dear Nurse/Doctor
Oh do take  a seat you repulsive burden to the NHS

Nowhere is it written in the Hippocratic oath that when presented with a patient over a size 14 you must A) immediately assume all heath problems are weight related and B) speak to said patient like they are a yahoo with absolutely no nutritional awareness who thinks potatoes are one of their five a day. I know you only have four minutes per patient so maybe take a breath, listen to my symptoms and then beat me around my head with my bmi. My body is not a problem-well it is but perhaps my sinus infection/in grown toenail isn't a direct result of my dress size.

These are my letters-who would you write yours to?

And if you liked this why not check out my previous "5 Fat Myths" Vlog.

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