Friday, 20 June 2014

Betty Pamper's Weekend Wish List

Its the weekend and as the weather continues to be glorious Im dreaming of flowers birds and butterflies so unsurprisingly my wishlist is full of them. Its time to press our noses against the windows of online retail and do a little fantasy shopping. Don't forget to wear flat shoes!


Chiffon bird print dress by LightinTheBox £13.60 Sizes M-XXXL

I simply adore this dress. The print reminds me of one of those Ladybird books you would have as a child which helped you identify the difference between a sparrow and a blue tit. Bargain price too and LightinTheBox are doing free shipping.

Asos Curve Lucabella Plus Size Contrast Shirt Dress £66

I'm not usually a fan of the shirt dress as they can gape under the excitement of containing my huge boobies but I might take a chance on this one as everything about it is gorgeous.Its in the sale so the sizing availability is running down so be quick if you fancy it.

I've seen this dress reviewed and modelled by quite  a few bloggers and it just seems to look universally amazing. Im liking the scoop neck as whilst I adore swing style dresses the plunge V neckline can sometimes feels a little bit too "Hello boys". There is a whiff of La Dolcha vita about this dress. I can imagine myself with a basket on  a bicycle wearing bright red lipstick with the wind in my hair.

I'm picturing this with my hair piled artfully into a messy bun, gold hoop earrings and a light tan (spay on of course-we don't want wrinkles) a kind of J-Lo/Liz Taylor mash up of the most amazing kind.

I like to think of myself as a lady gardener (insert joke here you filthy lot) and this would look perfect with a pair of Wellington's and a big hat. It even has pockets (doncha just love pockets) for putting in your secateurs.

Also Lusting After

I'm slightly falling back in love with red lipstick at the moment and this blue toned red in its jaunty monochrome packaging is calling me.

I'm all about water based blushes at the moment. They look so much better on the skin especially when its warm as they don't cake. I also quite enjoy making my saying "I'm off to paint my face"  a reality.

I first discovered  Bento boxes when I worked in Japan. You would see all the commuters taking their packed lunches of sushi, noodles and rice to work in these, so much more appealing than a droopy sandwich in Tupperware.

Sure I wore espadrilles first time around in the eighties but some fashions you don't mind seeing a return of, and when they are in faux zebra print-forget about it!

Somehow I believe that anything I baked using these would be infused with magic. Just too,too beautiful.

This bag won't just contain keys, phone and lipstick, it will contain my dreams. Just adorable.

Wow I'm exhausted-virtual window licking takes it out of a girl. I'm off to grab a coffee (and yes I shall insist they write Little Edie on my cup-just for kicks)  Have a great weekend.

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