Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Totally Tropical Flavour: Lovedrobe floral chiffon skater dress review

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This summer is all about tropical prints. Now as a lover of bright, loud designs this is good news but even I have found some of the interpretations a tad on the  unwearable side.Every other fashion editorial looks like a palm tree has vomited on it.

I love all this but don't see it working in my everyday wardrobe
(Pic from Pintrest)

I want my tropical prints to look vibrant but not too carnival, beautiful without screaming cruise ship and after looking for a while I have found the dress to get my tropical on.
This floral chiffon skater dress £45 by Lovedrobe gets the balance of tropical print and wearable design just right.
How the dress looks on the website

The pink colour is gorgeous and the flowers are a fabulous selection of blues, yellows and greens which contrast but don't clash.
Tropical Perfection
The shape is pretty damn perfect too. V neck, capped sleeves and gently elasticated at the bias. Structured enough that I go in and out at all the right places but relaxed enough that its perfect for a summers day.

How perfect is this colour and print

I love layering different shades of the same colour into an outfit so I've pinned some pink flowers into my hair and on my arm have my trusty Birken style tote.
This dress embraces the hot tropical colours that are so on trend but also feels totally wearable

Its bright and pretty and gives a good nod to the tropical trend without me feeling it will be unwearable next season. Now all I need is a pina colada and I'm set.
Welcome strong prints into your plus size wardrobe-its time to take centre stage
Strong prints can still be one design choice plus size chicks struggle with. When you have spent years hiding behind black, making yourself the centre of attention with a blast of colour can be nerve racking. My advice is  find a print which keys into your favourite things, floral, birds, tropical and introduce some exquisite pieces into your wardrobe.You can start small with a bag, a necklace or a scarf and before long your wardrobe will be a riot of colour and print. Trust me you will feel amazing. 

More Tropical Loveliness

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