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The Second Wave Of A Plus Size Style Revolution

The Frida Kahlo fanclub

I have been in love with Frida Kahlo for many years. The Mexican painters work and life fascinates me. Her self portraits are so glorious and I often turn to her for style inspiration.
Such an inspiration.

Which is why when I brought this dress by Yours I knew immediately how I would style it. A homage to my favourite painter had to be done.
How the dress looks on the website
Creating this outfit gives me an opportunity to talk about bravery and creativity in plus size dressing. Its wonderful that larger versions of current season styles are so much easier to get your hands on but what if you want your individual dress sense to reflect things other than what we see in magazines?

is my monkey on trend?

For so long the fairly pedestrian goal of  finding nice clothes if you were over a size 16 seemed a dream. Now that we have access to more brands than ever before it allows opportunities to play with fashion not really afforded to fatty's before unless we had things made to measure. However with this opportunity can come a certain amount of trepidation.
To be a fat woman can mean you regularly feel judged, shunned and disliked both in everyday situations and whenever you turn on the TV or open the to add even more fuel to the fire by wearing outlandish, unusual outfits is not for the faint hearted plussie  but I feel its the second wave of fat emancipation.
The second way of fat emancipation
I adore the theatre of clothes. I have tried to fit in for years but I simply can't do it, and now as I'm getting older I refuse to do it.
Do I dress in a vibrant carefully constructed way to gain attention? the answer is no. I dress simply for myself.Its an utterly selfish act which requires nobodies approval.

I do not require anyone's approval.
I'm aware that what I wear is often viewed by others as strange, too bold, unflattering and yet clothes are a creative outlet that I simply have to indulge or my world feels smaller and grayer and as a consequence so do I.

Always room for a cape

Is this always easy? No. 
Whilst on an intellectual level I understand we can all judge each other by appearance  it doesn't mean I don't notice that some people (sadly often women) view my desire to peacock as a vanity which must suggest I am so wrapped up with myself I couldn't possibly have anything in common with them. In social situations I often find I have to make double the effort to engage people in conversation and people often look surprised that despite my appearance I am fairly normal.

So being plus size and an unconventional dresser is not an easy path but it is also a glorious one. Everyday I am excited about what story my clothes will tell. My tastes are whimsical, influenced by a book I've just read, a movie I'm obsessed by or who my latest style crush is.I look to other inspiring dressers both past and present  (and yes Frida is one I return to again and again) and more often then not what they wear isn't  always applauded or understood but it doesn't stop them looking amazing. 

Standing out in a crowd by choice when your size already makes your appearance a point of difference is I believe an important step in the evolution of style over a size 16. It's not for everyone but by jingo it feels good to walk in a room and know for a fact no one will be wearing what you are-ever.
back to Frida Kahlo and one of my favourite pictures of her is this one.

Muse with  a gun

I believe its since been revealed as a fake but regardless I love the sassyness of it and have done my own viva le fatty revolution photos in homage.

Vive le Individuality

Outfit Details
Dress-£35 Yours Clothing
Poncho-Last season Bon Prix- similar here
Necklace-Taking Shape

All Photos by Nicky Rockets

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