Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Kitten Grey Frocks And Beautiful Pugs

Pug Life

I'm  a big fan of Dorothy Perkins. They were one of the first shops I found that stocked plus size clothes in great styles and they are always very affordable. Some seasons are better than others but over the years I have worn a lot of their clothes.
So I was very sad to see that the Dorothy Perkins branch in Birkenhead is closing down-I will miss nipping in there and I do worry that there will soon be no shops apart from charity shops and betting places but that's another post for another day.

A five pound dress and what is that I spy-a super cute Pug

The closing down sale in Dorothy P's was down to only a few rails when I went in last week but even so I picked up some fab bargains including this grey dress which was a mere five pounds. 

Skater Dress Dolly

Its a lovely grey material which looks like its a boucle fabric but isn't and is actually light enough to wear in summer. Its a classic skater style and I'm loving the black band at the waist which makes it look slightly more interesting.

I adore pastels when the weathers warm (well all year round really) but sometimes a soft kittenish grey is just the ticket. I've chucked on a past season cardigan by Simply Be and some black leggings-Grey and black can look so good and shouldn't be saved just for winter.
I've worn my brand new Miaow necklace by bete Noir which I love but really none of that is important because I have a new addition to my little family.
Mister Truffles the pug puppy came to live with us yesterday and we couldn't be happier. 

Meet Mister Truffles

He is fawn brown, snuffles like a piglet and sleeps a lot (and boy can he snore) its fair to say he is rocking my world.

I'm not sure this is what they meant by "handbag dog"

We have wanted a pug for many years as my little girl is obsessed with them (she has pug themed everything) but after taking on a third rescue cat last year (Dolly daydream of the tortoiseshell fur) I needed to ensure they were all settled and happy before I brought in any new additions.

The right honourable Mister Truffles
The time is now right and with the summer holidays fast approaching its an ideal time for me, baba and Nicky Rockets to devote to getting to know a puppy and enjoying all the fab things that only a silly little pug can offer.
I will keep you updated on all our adventures-its going to be a pugtastic summer!

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  1. Love this dress. I havent been in dotty p in ages. How cute is your pug too <3 xx

    1. Neither had I Kitty-certainly not since last summer but got some lovely stuff so worth a revisit I reckon.

  2. Love the colour of your dress and OH MY PUG your puppy is fabulous!!! I hope he becomes a regular addition to your pics!

    1. I know-having not really worn much grey I am now loving it-very complimentary for my ahem slightly mature skin ha ha-oh yes expect lots of pug action x

  3. Oh Betty Mister Truffles is beautiful! I was always a cat person until I got my first whippet 2 years ago then rehomed another. They literally changed my life - dramatic but true and are the inspiration behind my new dog walking business. I'm obsessed! The loyalty and unconditional love from dogs is overwhelming and beautiful. Looking forward to reading about your adventures together. My 2 whippets send Mr T a paw high five!xx

    1. Yes Vivi I was always a crazy cat lady (and they still rock my world) but gosh this pug is adorable xx

  4. Love your post for more plus size clothing

  5. Replies
    1. Well hopefully my constant photostream will help with your pug cravings xx

  6. Awww such a cute pug! So adorable! :) Great outfit too!

  7. Aww mister truffles is lovely!! I was sad to see dotty ps go as well. I had no money when I spotted those 2 & 3 pound rails in there the other day. The dress is really nice & a great bargain too :)


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