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Kitchen Cupboard Pampering: How to make homemade beauty products

Cupboard Love

Over the last few years I have started to become slightly more concious of not putting too many chemicals on my skin and hair but a lot of the organic natural products on the market are quite pricey. After an expensive month of getting a pug, putting on my daughters birthday party and paying the car tax I'm skint so I've asked my bestie Lilly Von Pink to help me out with some of her home made beauty advice.Take it away Smurfette.

Lilly's Kitchen Cupboard Pamper Recipes

Lilly loves a military jacket!

Face mask 

Grab the natural yoghurt from the fridge decant a few teaspoons full to a bowl and apply to the skin.Leave for 10 minutes rinse and pat dry.
For dry skin – plain natural Yoghurt or add a teaspoon of honey 
Oily skin – Plain yoghurt and a squeeze of lemon juice 


Oatmeal makes a fabulous cleanser and is gentle on the skin. 
Mix one teaspoon of  oatmeal with just under half a cup of  hot water and let it cool. 
Dip in some cotton wool balls or pads and in a circle motion cleanse you skin rinse and pat dry. 

Face scrub 

Take a teaspoon of bicarbonate of soda and a little water untill it makes a paste.Apply to skin rubbing gently in small circular motions with your finger tips and rinse off.

Body scrub

I make this in a jar so it’s always in the bathroom for when I need it. 
Take three tablespoons of coffee ground (filter coffee not instant) and a table spoon of sugar pour in 2 spoons of olive oil or coconut oil and use it as you would any normal body scrub. Rinse clean (don’t use on the face it’s too harsh) 

Hair Mask 

This is a bit gross but works amazingly. Mayonnaise yes it smells horrible but trust me it works wonders for your hair and scalp. Wet hair, apply the mayonnaise comb through, wrap in cling film and a warm towel off the radiator and leave for an hour if you can bare it. Then wash as normal.Mayo is full of oils and proteins with is great for your hair and scalp I use it but I have no sense of smell and it makes my blue hair look healthy.

If you unsure how you skin will react do a little patch test. Rub a bit on the inside of you arm, leave for 12 hours  and see what your skin thinks. We take no responsibility to adverse reactions to these ingredients. If in doubt wash it off!
Happy Pampering

If this all looks like far too much work but you still fancy some organic cruelty free pampering here are my top picks for becoming a natural beauty.

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