Tuesday, 3 June 2014

How To make A Marie Antoinette Inspired Bird Cage Decoration

I really love the look of old bird cages. They evoke such elegance and with a little dressing can look simply stunning.

This a a really quick and easy craft project which is perfect if you want to
make something beautiful for wedding guests to put cards in or you simply want to create a Marie Antoinette/French decadence inspired decoration for your home.

You will need

A metal birdcage
One metre white polyester
Pink and green fabric paint
Small art brushes
A tea Light
A lighter
A bowl of water
Needle and thread
Green wire
Bird ornaments (I purchased mine inexpensively online)
Old pearl necklaces
Glue Gun

Step One

Using your compass draw out three paper circles varying in size from small to large. My biggest circle was approximately ten centimetres

Step Two

Using your circles as a pattern cut out your polyester. You will need six circles for each size per flower. I made six flowers.

Step Three

Wearing your gloves paint a circle in the middle of each fabric circle. Whilst the paint is still wet use your fingers to rub the paint throughout the material. The effect isn’t supposed to look neat so don’t panic if it looks a bit messy at this stage. Leave these to dry thoroughly.

Step Four

Light your tea light. Ensure you have a bowl of water next to you whilst you do this step in case you need to drop your fabric into it. Hold your fabric disc just above the tea light flame and keep moving it around. The heat from the candle will gently bend the fabric so the edges start to curl inwards and resemble petals. Do this for all your petal cut-outs.

Step Five

Use your scissors to cut to the middle (leaving the middle untouched) of each petal do this at intervals all the way round. This will create the individual petals.

Step Six

Make up your flower by putting the biggest petals at the bottom and layering the smaller circles on top. Secure these with needle and thread and finish of with a button which acts as your flowers middle.

Step Seven

Cut a small strip of felt and use green wire to tie it in the middle so it looks like a bow. Ensure there is wire left on either side as this will be how you attach the flowers to the birdcage. Glue gun this to the back of your flower.

Step Eight

Using the same technique as with the flowers cut leaf shapes out of the polyester and paint green. Once dry curl the edges with your tea light and thread them onto on long strand of green wire to form ivy.

Step Nine

Use your flowers, Ivy, Birds and pearls to decorate your Birdcage. Pink tissue paper and feathers inside the cage will add even more luxury. I printed out a little sign to put on the front of the cage so guests knew to use it as a very glamorous looking post box.

If you enjoyed this I have plenty of other craft projects over on my crafts page
I also have a book called Handmade Wedding Crafts which features this and lots of other fabulous vintage inspired wedding craft projects for your delectation.
*Disclaimer-Please be careful when using candles or glue guns. I bear no responsibility for any craft related injuries you might receive in the pursuit of handmade loveliness. As with any craft or DIY project the reader undertakes it at their own risk.
All Photos by Nicky Rockets

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