Monday, 9 June 2014

Career Mistakes Can Be The Making Of You

A  few day's ago I saw this quote by JK Rowling on one of my social media feeds. It instantly resonated with me as I have long believed that if you learn from your mistakes they can actually enrich your life.

Its so easy to look at successful people particularly those who do well in business and think that they were born with more talent, more sense, just more of the good stuff than you. You can't imagine they ever screw up or have had moments (maybe even years) of indecision or self doubt but I'm here to tell you that the more "successful" someone is, chances are the more mistakes they have made. 
The big difference is that rather than allowing those mistakes to define them,they instead learn from them.
They move on from them and also lose the fear of failure that holds so many people back because quite frankly they have the teeshirt,the mug and the bankrupted business so they know what rock bottom looks likes and that its only ever a temporary destination.
It can take a while to see bad judgements as a blessing. The initial fallout from a stupid move can be painful, and humiliating. Its even worse if its a public mistake, your company folds or you put your faith or money into the wrong hands and it has come back to kick you in the arse. Take time to lick your wounds, perspective takes time and accountability is key. 
You see by acknowledging that you screwed up and also forgiving yourself you give yourself permission to try again. You stop being embarrassed by your failure because its in the past and its just one chapter of what is going to be a very long exciting novel.
Mistakes-I've made my fair share

My own business mistakes have been spectacular. Not trademarking the pen name  I wrote under was a particular highlight but I have made countless other booboos along the way. Being a self employed creative is no easy task and its very easy to become unstuck but every time I've messed up it has led me to a much better experience and I feel stronger, more focused and slightly more bulletproof. 
After a period of turbulence the next part of the journey is so much sweeter, colours richer the pay off so much more rewarding.
I'm not advocating being thoughtless or irresponsible but if and when you make a mistake don't think its the end of the road, its just a wrong turning.Pick yourself up, file it under "not my finest moment" and keep on going.

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