Monday, 30 June 2014

Can You Design A Life You Love?

I came across this poster on pinterest the other day (aka my happy place) and loved it so much I shared it on my facebook page. 
Later on it got me thinking about how  we can all design a life that is perfect for us but that in order to do it we have to throw off the shackles of expectation and that can be really scary.
 Expectations of how we should live our lives can come not only from wider society and our friends and family but also from ourselves.
Its so easy to get into bad habits, fall into routines, acquiesce to things you aren't fully committed to that before you know it you are living a life that doesn't reflect the true you. By being "agreeable" and "sensible" and fundamentally being a "good girl" you have cheated yourself out of living the life you want. 
Well its never too late to change and its doesn't have to be all grand gestures and selling your belongings to live in India, designing your own life can begin with something as simple as changing what you drink your morning coffee in.
Design the life you want

To really build  a life that fulfils you on an emotional, spiritual (and yes financial) level definitely takes some planning and commitment but the rewards are so worth it.
The exciting thing is that this is a lifetime project, there are no prizes for finishing first and the first set of changes don't have to be huge. 

You have a lifetime to work on your own design

When I decided to take my own life in hand the very first thing I decided was that I never wanted to drink out of an ugly mug again-bizarre I know but throwing away stained novelty mugs (I actually smashed them up and used them in the bottom of my plant pots) and replacing them with dainty china cups which I brought one at a time from ebay was a visual change which reminded me every time I had a cup of tea that I was taking control of my own destiny and could (within the parameters of what was legal) do whatever I wanted.
Enough with clothes that are "practical"

These changes quickly escalated-I decided I never wanted to wear anything that could be described as "practical" or "comfortable" looking. It didn't matter that most people are happiest in casual clothes with a nod to sportswear I'm not, I want to dress every day as if I'm in my own movie and if this is construed as vanity, indulgence or eccentricity that's fine because this is my life and I am designing the one I love.

Yes my kitchen is pink and I love it

I now use this approach to all areas of my life. I pursue doggedly the kind of work I want to do, have only the type of flowers and plants in my garden that I like even if Alan Titchmarsh wouldn't approve, and my kitchen is now bright pink-why? because its what I want and I like it.
A design for life
Day by day I work at designing the life I want and sure sometimes I find myself in situations that aren't ideal, too much month at the end of the money,cleaning up puppy poo instead of finishing my novel but incrementally I find more and more my choices and lifestyle are a perfect fit to my personality and this makes me happier, more comfortable in my own skin-its bespoke baby. Couture living without the logos.
How is your life design? Is it perfectly formed or are you just at the moodboard stage?

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