Sunday, 22 June 2014

Alright Petal sweatshirt from Pinkcloves

Hello Petals
Logo  tees are big at the moment. I remember them the first time round with great fondness. 
As well as owning a "Frankie Says" teeshirt I was also rather fond of a black top which had "Oui" written on it in bright pink. It went perfectly with my blue eyeliner and frosted pink lipstick. 
I always lusted after a Katherine Hamnett sweatshirt and dreamt of putting it with white leggings and a pineapple hairstyle.Even now I love this look.
How I wanted to look in my early teens

Fast forward thirty years and I'm back in a logo sweatshirt. This one is such a beautiful colour I am quite happy to resurrect my childhood styling.

Pinkcloves Petal sweatshirt £18 is in the most delicious colour. I'm obsessed about all things candy coloured at the moment so a mint green top with the word petal on has made me rather happy indeed.

Well colour me happy

I've chucked it on over my pink palm tree print dress by Yours. If I was being true to my 80's inspiration it would just be leggings but that's not a good look on me so it isn't going to happen (I will say camel toe and leave it at that)
matching flower garland-standard
getting  a sweat (see what i did there)

Flower Power Pug
I'm taking Mister Truffles (aka the Pug of love) for a walk so have got my pink sneakers on and flowers in my hair.Mister Truffles did have his own floral  garland but it didn't last long as he started eating it as soon as this picture was taken.He is obsessed with eating fabric. My duck egg blue polka dot table cloth is full of holes where his tiny teeth have nommed on it.

I love you too
The Blogger Pug

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Pastel Straw Bowler £5

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