Monday, 2 June 2014

A Day Trip With Doctor Who

Hello Sweetie
Doctor Who is a big thing in our house. I have always loved the Doctor. My first Doctor (so possibly the one I love the most) was Tom Baker.

Tom Baker the 4th Doctor and my childhood love
With his mad curly hair, floppy hat and multicolored scarf he seemed to me as a little girl to walk a fine line between genius and madness and I've been drawn to that personality type ever since (and long scarves)
Leela-My favorite assistant as a child

I was particularly fond of his assistant Leela. Leela was a warrior of the savage Saveteen tribe and she was always in animal skins with a knife in her hand. She seemed impossibly tough and beautiful and I remember on a day trip to London with my parents (who would regularly visit the capital to buy punk clothes from Sededitionaries and Hyper Hyper in the seventies ) buying a doll of her (which even then I thought was a poor representation of her and looking back at it now it was truly awful)

The Leela doll I brought-it wasn't the best
The next Doctor to really capture my heart was David Tenant. Maybe because he too possessed a manic energy and yet also felt things so strongly (two hearts must be  a nightmare) I can honestly watch any episode with him in again and again and I did feel really gutted when he left.
David Tenants Doctor Who-My grown up fave
This version of Doctor Who also introduced me to without a doubt my most beloved female Doctor Who character of all time River Song.What a woman.
The Time Travelers Wife
Introducing my daughter to Doctor Who has been amazing. Her doctor is Matt Smith or "the raggedy man" and her favourite companion Amy Pond. 
People talks about certain TV shows bringing the family together and for us that has always been Doctor Who. Christmas day is totally dictated by when the special is on (heck we even had a Doctor Who Tardis blue Christmas tree this year) and now with netfix we have been able to watch them again and again.
The Raggedy Man with Amy Pond

So now you know all this you will understand our excitement at spending the day at Spaceport which has a Doctor Who exhibition.
My little cutie with the adipose
 It was absolutely brilliant. We planned our outfits accordingly. Baba wore her Zap jumper and Doctor Who necklace, I wore my galaxy print dress by Simply be and my new Kewpie wolf necklace (a Bad wolf reference there)

Oh no its the Darlek's-thank goodness for the red rope
me and the Raggedy Doctor-chillin

We had an absolutely brilliant time. Gawping at Darleks, laughing at Space Pigs (Pig men in boiler suits, amazing), the terrifying "The Silence" and the beautiful Ood.
Not "The Silence"
Baba sticking her tongue out at the scariest Doctor Who creatures ever
Seeing the costumes and models in real life was such a treat and something we will remember for a very long time. Here are a few snaps.

Put em up you tin can
Davros looking like he needs a kip
Love Brannagan

I love the Catkind
trying not to blink 
Thankful I'm a vegetarian
Ready for time travel
Joining the Ood

When we got home we immediately starting re watching mat Smiths first season (Babas favorite) although I refused the demand for fish fingers and custard for tea.

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