Monday, 26 May 2014

Theremin Fantasy: Highland Rose Dress by Taking Shape

My homage to Clara Rockmore

Last week I was working on a film set (it's for something that isn't out yet so that's as much as I can share) and the director introduced me to an amazing instrument called the Theremin. 

The Theremin is an early electronic instrument developed in Russia in the late 1920's. 
Its totally out there as it works without any physical contact  from the musician who instead creates sounds by moving their hands between two antennas which control frequency and volume. 
The sound it produces is eerie and quite magical, like Mermaids singing. I was totally fascinated and decided to find out more. 
Clara Rockmore-Theremin player extraordinaire

The queen of Theramin playing was a rather magnificent creature called Clare Rockmore whose earlier training in classical violin made her perfect for creating the most beautiful sounds out of such a strange instrument.

Now not only was Clara quite the musician but she was also incredibly stylish and she is quickly becoming my style influence of the moment.
So stylish
This goddess of early electronica favoured turbans, big hair and 1920's inspired gowns. So today's outfit is  a homage to Clara Rockmore, fashion maven and Theramin virtuoso.
Turban love

I've had this Highland rose dress £29 by Taking Shape for quite a while. For such an outrageous piece of clothing I wear it a lot. 
How the dress look son the website

I often put it on to pad around the house in or do my make up in, or throw it on when I go to the shops (like a rather glam onesie) but inspired by Clara I'm now unlocking its full dress potential by allowing it to glide around in all its silky printed glory.

No nod to Ms Rockmore wouldnt be complete without a turban and this is one of my favorites. I can't remember where it was from but I call it my "Joan Crawford turban" as I could imagine Joanie wearing it as she hacked down rose trees in the middle of the night.
Bring me the axe Tina

My bag was from a vintage shop years ago and is Bakelite. The holes in the design make it all but useless but its so pretty I simply don't care.
This rose print is beautiful
My 1920'a bag is pretty and useless

 This outfit makes me feel I should be in an Aubrey Beardsley illustration. With its arts and crafts silhouette and printed silk.I used to have an amazing mirror with a Beardsley print on, given to me by my mum which followed me from many locations and I was gutted when it was smashed. I must try and find another.

getting my Beardsley on
Increasingly I find I am rejecting current trends for my own take on what is stylish and I feel like a bird that has been released from a cage. Come fly with me my pretties.
Dedicated follower of my own fashion

All Photos by Nicky Rockets

And here is my latest outfit video-if you would like to see more of these subscribe to my Youtube channel

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