Sunday, 18 May 2014

Never Mind The (Jackson) Pollocks

Calling Miss Jackson

I've always had a bit of a soft spot for the art work of Jackson Pollock.
When I was doing my art foundation years ago we went on a collage trip to the National Gallery and I remember seeing a Jackson Pollock painting "in the flesh" as it were, and being totally captivated by the contained chaos and colour.

Unformed Figure 1953 Jackson Pollock

This style of art seems almost everyday to us now but imagine how ground breaking his "drip art" must have looked in the 1940's.
So today I feel I am a walking homage to the artist in this rather crazy print dress.

I adore this print
Its all abstract

This frock is by a brand I have always considered a bit of a "nan's favourite" Bon Marche. They have recently enlisted the design skills of Royal wedding dress creator (and owner of best flicked hair since Farah Fawcett) David Emanuele and this seems to have had a rather positive effect on their collections.
Today's outfit is to me a great example of how with a little bit of imagination and a big dash of your own personality you can turn something quite everyday into something which is a piece of fashion art.
The dress as shown on the Bon Marche website

The shape of this dress which is £25  is slightly gathered under the bust and then flows with no waist band or tucks.
Worn unadorned it doesn't really sing but by adding a belt I've changed the shape so that it looks more structured.
Love how Dolly cat is just lying next to me-me and mtyshadow

To accentuate the wildness of the print I've worn flowers in my hair and as I'm off to work some make up magic my "make up artist" necklace by Bete Noir.
A dress this crazy demands big hair so the cherry on top of my design cake is a curled beehive.
It's gone from Deidre Barlow to Freida Karlo in a matter of seconds.

Add your own style to whatever you wear

Its wonderful that there is more plus size fashion available than ever before and there is no doubt that certain brands have become a watch word in "edgy" fat threads, but having individual style doesn't have to be just about obtaining the must have dress or jacket of the season.

Create looks as unique as you are

Lesser fancied labels, supermarkets and charity shops offer so many opportunities to create fabulous outfits which you won't see on repeat on every plus size blog or being "showcased" by Mark Hayes on Lorraine.
From our fingerprints to our DNA we are each utterly unique-take a moment to think about that. Its wonderful.
use clothes to express your personality
 So as we continue on this journey of fat acceptance lets ensure we are not like zombies stumbling toward the latest piece of polyester we are being told is "amazing" 
Rather lets pillage all that is on offer in our size and create expressions of our personality in cloth form. Its a style that never goes out of fashion and is always "bang on trend" its called "individuality"

All Photos by Nicky Rockets

And here is my latest outfit video-if you would like to see more of these subscribe to my Youtube channel

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