Monday, 19 May 2014

Its Me Down To A Tee!

Say my name, say my name
Some declare their love for their other half with flowers, chocolates or poems. Nicky Rockets makes me tee shirts. 
You may remember he designed me a line of teeshirts featuring a plus size heroine "Curverella" after I complained that I couldn't find a teshirt with a juicy fat chickadee on. The invasion of the Killer curves tee shirts go from strength to strength and have been sold all over the world.It still makes me want to burst with pride when I see someone wearing one.
We now have a new design that I'm very excited to share with you as it is very special. 
The original Invasion of the killer curves teeshirt

When I changed this name of this blog to Pamper and Curves in 2013 I was at a bit of a low. Someone had copyrighted my author name which I had been scribbling under for many years  meaning I had to start from ground zero and that included the blog. I was convinced I would lose my readers, that my identity wouldn't be as strong. I wasn't sure it was worth carrying on if I had to start all over again.
It was a shit year all round, my Nan died, I had a huge tax bill I could barely pay and the economy was kicking the bejuseus out of our small business.I felt a bit broken.
Nicky Rockets not only encouraged me to keep on going he also made me see that by changing my blog  and pen name I could revamp, regroup and be even better. Creating my new logo and tee shirt design has been part of this process and I couldn't be happier.

We call this design "pencil rider" So many amazing things have come into my life because of my writing  any logo of my mine had to feature a pencil. I'm obsessed by leopard print so my cartoon namesake had to sporting that and I do have a soft spot for wearing glittery ears so it seemed only right a pair be perched on her head.
Bigger and better than ever before

Apart from these stipulations I left the rest to Nicky Rockets creativity and I adore the finished design. 
The only thing I had him change was that the original version had slimmer legs. If I'm straddling a pencil it needs to be with chunky thighs, other than that it was perfect.


Seeing the design printed as tee shirts has been another dream realised.

Adventures of a plus size hottie
 Its such an example of vision questing. By believing that I could reemerge from the ashes of litigation, bereavement and tax troubles and having a partner who reinforced this I have come back stronger than ever before. 
I wear this design plastered across my boobs as a talisman of how its impossible to keep a fat girl down.

Introducing Pamper and Curves
We have produced a limited run of my Pamper and Curves teeshirts in sizes small-XXXL they are £15 available here

All Photos by Nicky Rockets
Necklace by Bete Noire

And here is my latest outfit video-if you would like to see more of these subscribe to my Youtube channel

Limited Edition Killer Curves Tee Shirts Now On Sale
My brand new Killer Curve tee Shirts cost £12 and are available to buy from here having curves never looked so good!

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