Thursday, 1 May 2014

I stole Stevie Nicks Kimono

Love is like a butterfly

Its that time of year when I start day dreaming about holidays so when fashionworld got in touch with me to tell me about all their new summer collections I did spend a few hours drooling over the swimwear section daydreaming of sandy beaches.

Getting my Kimono on

One of the things I like to plan particularly carefully is what I travel in. I always want to look fairly well pulled together when I fly but also need to wear something which will keep out the chill if its a night flight but be cool enough as I disembark into the shimmering heat.

Which is why I'm a little bit in love with this kimono £25 from the Claire Richards collection. I haven't really tried a kimono before which is odd as wafty over the top clothes are so me and this one is an absolute beaut.
The lovely Ms Richards showing us how well this looks with jeans and a tee

I have made many jokes in the past about plus size clothes always being embellished with butteflies but on this occasion its so damn pretty I will let it slide.
I imagine this will look rather gorgeous just thrown over a pair of jeans with a vest (as illustrated by Claire Richards) but dear readers as you know that just isn't my style so I've teamed this instead with a pencil skirt, vest top and lacy leggings. I feel like a chubby Stevie nicks and can't stop making shapes and wafting my sleeves around-its gorgeous.

Making Kimono shapes

On a more sensible note this would be perfect plane or train wear and is silky enough that it can be quickly thrown into your hand luggage and will still look rather glam when you pull it out hours later.

Yes this is a pose-I'm not caught in the tree

I'm always a bit dubious about celebrity collections but yet again I'm loving the Claire Richards stuff and the Liz McClaren swimwear range is just amazing. Totally retro and very flattering. 
Ive booked marked  this rather swanky swim dress  £38 with flamingos on it. I tend to often favour this style as it covers up quite a lot without feeling like a Victorian ladies bathing dress. Although Im quite comfortable in my own fat skin I still prefer to not be flashing my bikini line and bum.

Atomic styling-yes I went there

I also really like this Bandeau swimsuit. £32
Cute as a kitten-yes I went there again

As the fortunate owner of rather large lady lumps this would suit me wonderfully and avoid risking me flashing at any unsuspecting passerby when I'm next at the beach.
So there you have it a little taster of some summer fabness. In the meantime the kimono has already become my favorite thing to wear when I'm blogging and writing.
Keeping with my 1970's vibe here are some rather lovely black and white pics Nicky Rockets took of me prancing around the garden.

And as if that isn't enough fabulousness here is one of my latest outfit post videos

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