Thursday, 8 May 2014

How To Make A China Teacup Table Centre

Its nearly the weekend, the sun is shining so time to get our craft on!
Whether you plan on holding some garden parties or are looking for an inexpensive way to create table centres for your wedding this craft project is so incredibly simple and looks beautiful. 
Time to get your DIY on

You will need:

  • Three teacups and one saucer
  • A three Tier cake stand fixing (these can be found on ebay and many online craft stores
  • A fully charged cordless drill with a tile drill bit. This is important, as a normal drill bit will break your plates.
  • Safety Goggles
  • A screwdriver
  • A pen
  • A tape measure
  • White enamel paint
  • Small paint brush

Step one
Probably the most time consuming part of the process is sourcing your cups. Charity shops, car boots and jumble sales are great for this. Remember the cups don’t have to match; in fact it can look prettier and more unique if they don’t. I always try and tie them together in some way whether it be a theme (birds, flowers or toile for example) or by complimentary colours but this is entirely up to you.
Be warned very occasionally if a cup has a hairline crack or is especially delicate it will break when you drill it so this is not a project to do with your grandmothers irreplaceable dinner service.

Step Two

Paint your cake stand fixing with your white paint. You can leave them gold but the white makes it look more like a whole unit.

Step  Three
Make sure your saucer is clean and dry. Take your tape measure and measure the diameter of the plate and use your pen to mark the middle. This will act as your drill guide.

Step Four

Time to put on those safety goggles. Always drill your saucer and cups somewhere it won’t slip and where you are not going to drill into something precious underneath. A workbench is ideal.Before I start I put a little bit of water in the saucer and cups to keep the drill bit & china cold. Slowly drill where you have marked the middle until you have gone all the way through. Repeat until cups and saucer have holes in the centre. It’s worth noting that the glaze on some vintage china makes it impossible to drill through. When this happens just choose another.

Step Five
Start with your bottom saucer. Put your washers on and then poke the bottom screw into the plate. Put a soft washer on the topside of this plate and then apply the cake stand fitting. Repeat until all three fixings have been attached.

Step Six

Fill each cup with small budded flowers. The size of the cups means you can create beautiful floral displays without using huge amounts of flowers so thrifty as well as beautiful.

If you enjoyed this I have plenty of other craft projects over on my crafts page
I also have a book called Handmade Wedding Crafts which features this and lots of other fabulous vintage inspired wedding craft projects for your delectation.
*Disclaimer-Please be careful when using drills and always secure your plates firmly before attempting to drill them. I bear no responsibility for any craft related injuries you might receive in the pursuit of handmade loveliness. As with any craft or DIY project the reader undertakes it at their own risk.
All Photos by Nicky Rockets

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