Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Farm Feast, Wirral: Mud, Music And Merriment

Last weekend I visited a great event here on the Wirral. 
"Farm Feast" held at Claremont farm was two days of live music, workshops, beer tents and most importantly loads of fabulous organic food. 
I went along with Nicky Rockets and Baba unsure what to expect and it was fantastic.

Sitting on hay bales listening to Irish folk music

The food available was mind boggling, everything from Indian cuisine, pastries, artisan breads  to weird and exotic meats (kangaroo Burger anyone) and cupcakes so beautiful it would have been a crime to eat them (but I did obviously)

I particularly enjoyed the Spanish Churros which were like fries made of waffle mix rolled in sugar served with hot dipping chocolate. Sure it was probably diabetes in a paper cup but so delicious.
Nicky Rockets sampling one of the many fine beers from the Ship and Mitre beer tent

The ship and mitre had a beer tent serving all kinds of local beers much to Nicky Rockets approval (his favourite was one from Chester) whilst for us girlies Aloho whose bar in Liverpool I love had a tent serving delicious cocktails. Standing watching the rain whilst sipping a Pina colada out of  a pineapple was a rather lovely moment indeed.
Yes I'm at a festival, yes I'm drinking a cocktail-its marvellous

The music was really good and whoever booked the acts put together a great mix of rock, indie and folk.Me and Nicky Rockets had a little boogie in the rain much to my daughters horror.

Mud, mud glorious mud
A great British bakeoffer judging the cakes

This sheep show was surprisingly entertaining
If I could have improved one thing I would have included more vegetarian and vegan fare. As the emphasis is on organic farm produce it was very meat heavy but hopefully next year a few more vegetarian producers will get involved.
The Vintage Village was one of my favorite areas, vintage clothes, crafts and lovely VW vans
Knowing I was probably going to be knee deep in mud I did dress accordingly. I wore my dog print tunic dress from fashionworld with leggings and  along cardigan from Matalan. My wellingtons were from primark as was my headdress. My hot pink scarf is an old jasper Conran one.
Loving Farm Feast

Swing dancing in the rain

It was a wonderful day which reminded me yet again why I love where I live so much. Standing in mud, watching the Mersey swing dance troop do their thing whilst eating an organic cheese and onion pasty is a rather magnificent way to spend a bank holiday Sunday.I will definitely be back next year.
Soaked through but happy

All Photos by Nicky Rockets

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