Monday, 12 May 2014

Count your blessings: Books, Juices And Pugs

Loving Life

We are constantly told to "count our blessings" and I suppose this usually means the big stuff, having health, food in our belly's, family, love.
I of course feel blessed to have all these things but here are a few other things that have been making me feel quite fabulous over the last week.

The Written Word
Word (s)
Reading books, writing myself, it always comes back to that for me. I escape into books and I'm so pleased that my little girl seems to be the same. This week books have also brought me some rather joyous social connections too. First of all it was my monthly Wild woman's book club meeting where I chewed the literary fat with my fabulous wild woman brethren.

The book tree

The theme of the meeting was "finding you pack" and how gorgeous was it for us to all acknowledge that in forming  a book club we had in fact also created a pack (and a very sassy one at that) I also had a fab time in Liverpool on Saturday taking my little girl to see the Book tree which is an open air installation  encouraging reading, book swaps and basically taking a moment to absorb the written word.

My Juicer

I've recently invested in a Vivo juicer. As a vegetarian who also forgoes fish and tries to avoid dairy wherever I can, I do have to ensure I pack my vitamins in. I do have a tendency to become a little bit anaemic leading me to feel a bit tried and crabby so decided top use juicing as a way to get loads more green leafy veg down me. 

Getting my juice on

I've been having regular juices for  a few weeks now using recipes from a book by Jason Vale  and am feeling fantastic. My skin is glowing, my hair is shiny and I just feel awesome. My little girl loves them too and makes herself a strawberry, orange, cherry and apple juice when she gets back from school every night.
My Juicy hangover cure (it was actually nice)

I always ate a lot of veg anyway but I'm doubling it now and boy what a difference it makes. I did make a detox juice with spinach, beetroot and ginger after a night of a few too many white wines and yes it looked a little bit unappealing but it tasted yummy and did the trick. Whereas before I would have reached for a neurofen and a coffee this time I reached for a juice. 
Feeling juicy

My Bestie
you're my best friend 

As a creative type I do have times of wanting to pull my hair out when work is slack or is in fact too plentiful (deadline hell) and also as a writer periods of time where I question should I continue, am I actually any good?  My best friend Lilly is brilliant at picking me up at these times. 

Pretty flowers-Camp Jesus approves

Last week I had a bad day of feeling a bit insecure and she turned up with purple flowers and a family pack of snickers. That's friendship.

Pugs Not Drugs

I brought this beautiful china teacup from one of the pop up stores in Liverpool which support local artists and creatives. We are all a bit obsessed with pugs in our house (we are hoping to get one later this year) as my daughters constant companion is a stuffed pug toy called Lulu. 

I don't take drugs so forgoing them for a pug would be an easy task but I am a bit of a sugar head so should perhaps change this to "Pugs not sugs"

Rupauls Drag Race
Can I get an amen?

I am totally addicted to this series and absolutely gutted that I have just finished season 5. I can't wait for next season to hit netflix. I love everything about the show, the beauty of the drag queens, the amazing Rupaul (who I so want to be my drag mother) but also the warmth and humanity that pours through. Often the drag queens haven't had the easiest time growing up and their stories are sad, inspiring, often filled with humour and remind us that tolerance is what makes us civilized. 

So much to love

Also who am I kidding, I just want to wear all the wigs, frocks and dresses.

And as if that isn't enough fabulousness here is one of my latest outfit post videos

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