Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Aldi Goes Plus Size!

I got this along with my carrots and toilet roll!
I'm a big fan of supermarket clothes. It always feels slightly decedent to throw in a bra or a top in with your weekly groceries and some of the brands like George and  Florence and Fred offer some really nice stylish plus size stuff.
So its great to hear that Aldi are also launching their own plus size clothing collection which will hit stores this week.

Aldis Plus size range
Edgy its not. This is all about the basics

Pretty nightwear up to size 28

Bras up to a size 42E

At the moment its not so much a capsule collection as a selection of basics. Bras up to a 42E, knickers and a few clothing items along with some nightwear in sizes 16-28. Its all really well priced with tights for £2.49, a two pack of bras for less than £9 and wide fitting loafers at less than a tenner.
I won't lie these clothes are not going to make your heart beat to fast but for affordable basics to throw on at the weekend or to put with other more fashion forward items the price point and quality is really good.
When I first saw the selection I was decidedly underwhelmed but I now realise this is more about being able to grab basics which are actually in your size rather than buying the frock of the season.
I'm really hoping that once they roll this line out we will see a few more items like black vests, crisp white shirts and ballet flats. Wardrobe stables in fatty sizes.
I was asked if I would like to review any of the collection and I chose a cherry red top which is £6.99 and also comes in mocha and blue and a pair of 3/4 length leggings which are £4.99
Plus size basics, unfussy style, unfussy price

3/4 length trousers and leggings are very much my spring/summer staple. I always feel slightly 1950's/french in them and apart from forcing me to shave my legs they always look good.

The sizing on this pair is true and they are a cotton/elastane mix so very comfortable and ideal for me to wear today as I have loads to do in the garden and some food shopping to do (and yes at Aldi-I'm so on brand dahlinks)

The sizing on this top is generous so unless you want to go for baggy size down

The top is very generous and I could have sized down. Its just very simple with a pocket detail on the chest and a small button up neck. I've put it with a belt as without it I looked less french girl about town and more frumpy mummy and that ladies will never do.I do hope they incorporate a few tops with round necks which are more fitted as those in primary colours are exactly the type of things you are happy to pop in your trolley without trying on.

My hair is victory rolled as it seemed to suit this outfit

I've chucked on some Primark ballet flats and tied an old bandana in my hair and I'm set. 

This outfit isn't going to win me any style awards but for a comfy low key look for £12 its not bad at all.It will be interesting to see how Aldis plus size collection progresses and to my mind being able to buy pants past a size 16 with my weekly shop is all good baby.

And as if that isn't enough fabulousness here is one of my latest outfit post videos

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