Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Viva Le Fatty

Isn't it great when you get a fatty clothing fix for the cost of lunch!
This is the second time I've managed to get a dress from Primark for a fiver and yet again I'm loving it (see last months five finger discount review here)
I spied this frock on the reduction rail last week and pounced on it immediately. I love the check design with the flower boarder and the teal blue colour is perfect for spring.
Five pounds worth of pretty

As this is Primarni we are talking about I crossed my fingers that the size 18 would fit and actually its perfect. Its got an elasticated waistband and open sleeves (its always the sleeves that are my undoing in primark-my bingo wings have been nipped something terrible in the past) and I think this would fit a size 20/22 quite comfortably.

Look ma no arm fat pinchiness

Today I was in a matchy, matchy mood so teamed my cheapo dress with my Burberry check tote bag. I brought this my first "designer" bag from Browns in Edinburgh years ago when I landed my job as TV and film manger at Sony. I felt like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman as I flounced in and pointed to it (without the prostitution and zip up boots obviously) and actually emptied the contents of my fake LV bag straight into it as soon as my card had been handed over much to the shop assistants disgust.I'm such a classy bird.
Classy-er well kind of
In my hair I am also doing Burberry-I'm less sure this is genuine but the ebay seller i brought it from promised me it was, though the vaguely synthetic feel of the material screams market stall rather than London fashion week but having more dash than cash is very on trend nowadays so its all good.
Burberry Checked scarf adds the finishing touches to my do

On my trotters are my pom pom shoes (£15) from Simply be. I love these. They are  a bit mad and that makes me smile.
Pom Pom da Pom

My Muerte necklace (£12.50) is by Bete Noir and the colours work perfectly with this frock. I think Muerte means death which may seem a little morbid but I always think it represents the death of me feeling confined by society's ideas about what it is to be a fat woman. Actually that's one funeral I'm happy to attend. Death to fatty oppression! Vive Le plus size hottie

A pretty death
Today's been fab as I've been looking at the photos from my Capturing the curve event (blog post coming soon) and seeing all the fabulous plus size hotties voguing their asses off has made me feel like I'm walking on a cloud.
This is a revolution. One slick of lipstick, one amazing frock and one middle finger to the "acceptable" face of beauty at a time.
Join me my fat lovelies.Let us run free like cuddly wolves howling at the moon and laughing in the face of what people tell us is attractive.

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