Thursday, 17 April 2014

Unicorn Nail Art

Lilly Von Pink-coming atcha with some Unicorn Nail action
Photo by Nicky Rockets

Summer is in the air. Its time to ditch our red talons and embrace something altogether more magical. With this in mind here is a nail tutorial from my bestie Lilly Von Pink which will transport your nails to a whole new level of fantasy styling.

You will need:

3 nail colours of your choice (I used OPI white,Tescos vivo pink,Asda George pale pink)
a bowl or cup (a plastic party cup that you don't mine getting covered in nail polish is perfect)
a pin or needle
Some cotton wool pads and buds
nail vanish remover

Step 1: Start as always with clean manicured nails removing all old polish and push back cuticles.

Step 2: Apply base coat and colour I'm using white on my accent nail and a pale pink on my other nails

Step 3: Take your plastic cup and fill with luke warm water and  gather up your chosen polishes.

Take your first colour and load the brush with as much polish as possible so when you hold it over the cup of water it drips

When the polish hits the water it should bleed out on the top of the water
continue by dripping the you next colour into the center of the first colour and repeat until you have 3 or 4 rings of colour.

Step 4: you can either skip this step and use the polish as is for a bulls eye effect or to get the marbled effect working quickly take you pin and drag it thought the polish by dragging the pin from outside in or inside out will create a mix but defined effect

Step 5: place your nail over the polish and push your nail into the water

Step 5: slowly take you finger out of the water and you will end up with some thing like this below

Step 6: using a cotton wool bud and nail varnish remover cleaning up the mess
*Top Tip to avoid the mess you can use tape to tape off around the nail which can the be pealed any leaving the skin free of polish*

Step 6: for the unicorn I used water slide nail transfers which I found on eBay cheaply or if your a bit arty you can free hand something on yourself

Step 7: Apply clear top coat to protect your design

The colour combinations are endless and some polish reacts better then others. I find the cheap polishes work well as they dry a little slower.

Also if your find your struggling to get the polish  to float try playing with the temperature of the water  as if its too cold and the polish sets to quickly

Enjoy xx
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