Monday, 28 April 2014

Rub Me Up The Right Way: All woman anti-chafe shorts

I may not be a lady...

A lot of plus size hotties will find that as the weather gets warmer and they discard their leggings or tights that they start to suffer from the dreaded chub rub. 
For some this is just a slight discomfort as the top of their legs rub together for others it can lead to blisters and real pain so its no joke and also nothing to be embarrassed about. There are a few products on the market to help with it including creams but for me wearing little shorts has always been the best approach.
All Woman Anti chafe knickers

Which is why I was really pleased when the big tights company approached me to tell me about their All Woman anti chafe shorts which had been designed to pop on under your clothes and ensure you never get friction burn again.

You don't have to jump in the air but if you do you wont get friction burn

They come in two lengths, short and long and are available in white, black and neutral colours.
I was sent the black short leg version and they are fab. they are very soft and comfortable in a ribbed cotton and also very thin so wont show under your clothes regardless of how tight your frock is.

Its worth noting that these are not control knickers so wont flatten your tummy or hips but they are so thin you can easily pop some control underwear over them if you are a spanx junkie like me.
Here I am flashing my All Woman Anti Chafe shorts

At £15.99 these are a great investment for summer especially if you plan to do lots of long walks or dashing around. 

My thighs thank you

Im already a huge fan of the big tights company (I reviewed the fab pink tights from them a while ago) and yet again this is such a superior product to other similar shorts I have brought from plus size retailers.
So don't let chub rub spoil your summer-just chuck on  a pair of these and shake what your mama gave you!
*I was gifted these however my opinion is my own and this is not a sponsored post
All photos by Nicky Rockets

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