Wednesday, 2 April 2014

One Bunny Jumper, One fat Chick, Three Looks

My love for a themed jumper has been well documented and when I saw this bunny jumper by Yours (its £24)  I had decided to get it on payday and make it my Easter weekend outfit. 
So when Yours asked me if I would like to join a few other bloggers in a  challenge showing the jumper worn three ways I jumped at the chance.
Jumpers can still be one of those clothing items fat girls struggle with. Get the wrong shape or style and you can look instantly cube like and big boobs don't always suit a round neck. To counteract this I always favour jumpers in a light knit like this as they don't make me look too womble like and I never size up, I know it can make you feel cosy but for me personally it just makes me feel I look like a walking knitted thing.Semi fitted is always my go to look.

I love style challenges like this as they are such a great way to show a pieces versatility and with something like a novelty jumper it might be easy to think it can only be worn with leggings as a sunday relaxation outfit but as you can see from how I've styled it, with a little bit of thought and some cool accessories it can be worn in a number of ways and not all of them have to involve lying on the sofa with a grab bag of malteasers (although that is my idea of heaven)

Look # 1 Classic Cosy

With a themed jumper this is my usual go to look.I'm letting the jumper do all the talking (or nose twitching as is the case here)

 I'm wearing a pencil skirt by Pinkclove (£12 I have worn this to death, such  agreat wardrobe staple)  black leggings and my jelly bow shoes with my pink Jasper Conran bag.

 Ive tied a scarf onto the bag to echo the ribbon around the rabbits neck. On my head I'm wearing my Crown and glory Liberace ears £20 because I might want to be low key but that doesn't exclude glittery ears. Not on my watch.

Look #2 Pink Lady

relaxed yes but still stylish

Ramping up the style a little I have added some shocking pink because hey there is a Y in the day.
The inspiration for this styling came from my new Converse style pumps which I brought from Primarni the other day. Underneath the jumper I'm wearing one of my fave recent purchases which is a bright pink skater dress by Boohoo (see review here

Pink Lady styling
I've tied a pink scarf around my neck and my arm candy bowling bag is from Simply be. I love this slightly retro look and the casualness of the footwear means this is a great outfit for when I'm running around after my little girl. 

I'm wearing a diamante bow in my hair which I brought from, one of those cheap shops full of bling you see in markets. 

Love the slightly Beatrix Potter feel of this bunny
This one was called "boutique" and is in the pyramids shopping centre in Birkenhead-I could pretend it was from somewhere trendier but that's just not my style.
pink converse and a bunny balloon-no my neighbors don't think I'm weird at all

Look # 3 Glamorous Bunny

I'm in a jumper yes but I still feel rather fabulous

I refuse to accept that a jumper with a rabbit on can't be glam.
Here I've teamed it with a great pair of shiny leopard print leggings (£18) and ankle boots (£27) which are both also by Yours but which I've had for  a few months.These leggings do emphasise your leg ripples a bit but I don't give two fecks-Enjoy my wobble haters!

I adore these boots as they are one of the few heeled boots I can wear for any length of time without feeling I am permanently injuring my feet. They also have more than a hint of Adam Ant new romantic about them which makes me very happy indeed.
Love these boots-I feel slightly Prince Charming in them

My long cardigan is past season Matalan. Cardigans like this are such a great alternative to wearing a coat on spring days and they are perfect for making you look slightly more put together when you want to be smart as well as casual.
Black jet accessories perfect for turning something everyday into an outfit that feels quite special
My necklace and bracelet are from fashionworld but are from before Christmas so doesn't look like they are in stock anymore. My bag and hairclip are from Boutique in Birkenhead and cost me the princely sum of £15.

So there you have it, one fat girl, one jumper, three different looks. Will you be giving comedy knitwaer a twirl? Say yes! you know it makes sense.

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