Saturday, 5 April 2014

Hear Me Roar: Pink Clove Sale Outfit

Hear Me Roar Bitches

Last week was a weird one. I had allowed myself to get distracted by what other bloggers were up to and was in a bit of a slump. Wondering whether my contribution to the ever growing list of fabulous plus size blogs was relevant anymore.
People can assume that plus size fashion bloggers are all confident and carefree but I know I certainly have times of self doubt. 
Putting yourself and your personal style out "there" for others to judge does take balls and its not just the classic "haters" who can chip away at your confidence.
My style is unique-I hope you like it but don't care of its not your cup of tea

My style is fairly unique. Whilst I read about fashion obsessively and always have since I was a kid (never a month goes by when I don't buy Vogue, Elle, Grazia and devour the clothes)  I'm  really comfortable taking aspects of those trends and making them my own.
I don't expect others to want to copy this style, I've always just hoped that by putting my own choices out into the world I can encourage others to take their own risks and feel unshackled by clothing "rules" or prescribed notions of what fat girls can wear.

I'm a strange hybrid, one part vintage inspired, one part eighties kid and always with a lot of glamour required. Its what I love and what I'm finally comfortable wearing after being in the wilderness in my early twenties and living in black.
Oh hello self doubt-its been a while

Sometimes I forget what self doubt feels like and then last week one single email made me wonder if I should turn off the blog lights, lock the door and hand the keys back.I felt irrelevant, out of step and yep unappreciated. I threw a great big pity party.This lasted a few days and then the postman brought me a parcel.

Pink Clove. helping me find my blogger mojo-thanks guys

A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to win £100 to spend at Pinkclove. I was beyond chuffed and wow, you can get an awful lot of wardrobe pretties for a hundred quid at Pinkclove. the parcel was all the clothes I had won and it was like a sign. 
fashion saved me again

As beautiful vibrant edgy clothes fell onto my kitchen table as I ripped the parcel open, I recognised that my clothing choices are fabulous. 
Blogging was always just about me sharing my thoughts, my style, my vision  and if it doesn't tickle everyone's pickle that's actually fine.
I'm just too busy being fabulous to care. As is often the way fashion saved me. 
I'm back, my mojo has returned. My best friend Lilly knowing I was feeling slightly off my game sent me this Ru-Paul quote 

'rip off the lampshade and let your mother fucking light shine'

So here I am waving my torch around like the last raver in the field.
I fell in love with this outfit

How fab is this top and skirt combo!! it was in the Pink Clove sale and the blue colbolt colour just called my name. The skirt was £5 and the top was £6 and I'm delighted to report that the quality is amazing.

Shining my light baby

So no more self doubt. My lipstick is on, head up, tits out.Hear me roar!

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