Thursday, 24 April 2014

Great Gatsby Zombie Hen Party

One things for sure, running the Vintage Pamperbox is never dull and occasionally I get a request for a themed make over party that makes me do a little jig around the room.
One such request was for us to hold a "Great gatsby Zombie" hen party for the lovely Louise. 
The bride to be loved all things twenties and all things undead so combining the two was the perfect combination to help her celebrate her upcoming nuptials.

Putting a new spin on the idea of getting "wasted" at your hen party

I'm sure when most people are preparing for a hen party they pack L plates, pink feather boas, phallic shaped straws and pink cowgirl hats. Not at the pamperbox. 
Our packing included fake chainsaws, rubber severed hands and lots of fishy smelling latex wounds which Lilly had created. If our car had been pulled over as we trundled to Manchester and a car search done we would have had plenty of explaining to do.

Serenading a brain under the moonlight
late night fast food to mop up the booze

Planning the looks we gave the girls was great fun. In my mind I imagined they were a group of debutantes killed in a horrific chandelier accident, leaving them all beautiful  yet fatally wounded.

This meant the hair and make up had to ultra glamorous whilst still incorporating just the right amount of decay, wounds and blood.
beautiful yet creepy
Let me give you a hand with that

No phallic shaped straws
You will wear a pink cowgirl hat

Horror make up is always a blast for make up artists and we loved how much this group of hens got into it. Some even came back to the make up chair for bigger badder wounds having decided they just didn't look horrifying enough.

It was a fabulous day and we felt so proud as we waved them off ready to terrify the inhabitants of Manchester's Northern quarter.

Happy hen Party
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Enjoy xx
All photos by Nicky Rockets
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