Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Getting In A Sweat


This season I am all about big bold graphic prints, I can't get enough of them. They feel edgy but fun and so colourful-perfect for injecting some fashion fizz into my wardrobe.
This made me break my "no sweatshirts" rule

I don't particularly like to wear sweatshirts as the high round necks can give me "boob shelf" but I just loved this woven front graphic sweatshirt £18 from Pinkclove so much I threw caution to the wind and ordered it anyway (living life on the edge dontcha know)

Graphic prints are agogo
its like a Jackson Pollok painting but its on my bangers
 The print is everything I had hoped for, bright abstract and very very pretty. the grey sleeves and neck stop it looking too children's TV presenter and mean I can wear it out and about without looking too crazy.
Teaming it with black avoids any Timmy mallet comparisons
I've teamed it with my fave Pink Clive pencil skirt £12 and leggings.Its a bit of  a dull recommendation I know but I get so much wear out of this skirt its ridiculous When I wear quite  a statement top I like to put it with more understated basics. It lets the design do all the talking and I think looks stylish.
Kiss my fat feet
 On my trotters I have a pair of cream jelly wedges which were £7 from Primark and I'm also using my Dollface clutch bag which I think was from Primark last year.I wanted the Lulu Guinness one but had to do really dull things like eat and pay my gas bill so this one will have to do.
Necklace by Taking Shape-Style well that's all my own
My necklace is by Taking Shape and my cocktail ring is by Topshop.
I've worn my hair down today but not sure I like it, I feel a bit Cher (the Gypsy and thieves years) but at least it gives my scalp a rest from the constant updo.

My lipstick is Limecrimes Great Pink planet  and my eyeshadow is the MUA innocence trio and of course I'm wearing false eyelashes because its the law round at my gaff-no Ardells no dice.
Will you be embracing graphic prints into the swell of your big boobied embrace or is it one step too far down the 80's road?

And as if that isn't enough fat fashion here is one of my latest outfit post videos

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