Thursday, 24 April 2014

Everybody Yurts: Strawberry Skies, Llanfair Caereinion

Yurt Love
So last week it was the Easter holidays  and we decided to take a weekend break staying in a Yurt at a beautiful place called Strawberry Skies which is in Llanfair Caereinion, Powys in North wales.
For the uninitiated Yurts are Mongolian canvas structures,sort of a hybrid between a tepee and a tent. They are fairly sturdy,are off the ground and have wood burning stoves,rugs on the floors and proper beds.It is still essentially sleeping under canvas but with a little more luxury. 
You get all the advantages of being out in the great outdoors whilst not waking up with a slug making love to your forehead or ice on the walls of your tent.
We are here!

Strawberry Skies is very special, its a 10-acre smallholding, which is home to sheep, chickens and pigs and is surrounded by just the most beautiful countryside. Whilst we were there newborn lambs could be seen in the fields, playing in the sun it was perfect.
Eric and Anya who run Strawberry Skies couldn't be more welcoming and we felt instantly welcome and at home as soon as we arrived.They also own the most gorgeous dogs Milla and Buffy who often came over to say hello as we heated up our beans in a billycan over the fire.

The perfect escape

As a family we do love to escape to North wales as often as we can. The countryside is a great antidote to the day to day stresses of modern life and doing things like chopping firewood, lighting the barbecue to make your dinner or throwing logs on the fire pit force you into a state of presentism which I sometimes struggle with at home.

The yurt itself was truly magical. As I lay in bed I could see the moon from the top of the canvas and the only sound was of the sheep all having a good old natter in the nearby field.

Under the moon

Campfire magic

As well as relaxing by the campfire, playing ton's of card games and reading lots of books we also took a long leisurely walk to the nearby village and had a fab lunch at a pub called the Red lion. Nothing fancy just cheese and onion toasties and apple pie for pudding but after a good hours walk it felt well deserved.

having a rest at the half way point of our very long walk

Now this being a fashion blog I couldn't tell you about my adventure without discussing what I wore.

Voguing. Much to the amusement of the sheep

 Whilst I do like to be quite relaxed when we go camping or caravaning I am not someone who can totally forgo all the trappings so I always plan my outfits carefully.
For this trip I mainly lived in my fave Pinkclove floral spot skater dress with my bunny jumper from Yours clothing thrown over the top.I was comfortable but also felt colourful and not too scruffy.

Red faced but laughing after a long hot walk

 I had planned to order some wellingtons but ran out of time so dashed into primark and found a really cute little pair which amazingly fitted really well.
I kept my hair in bunches (I actually think any woman wearing bunches over the age of 20 should be shot except when camping-this is a very important amendment to my rule) and whilst I left the false lashes at home I did still wear light make up as I didn't want to frighten the poor new born lambs with my craggy old face.

Waterfall wonder
My family

On the Sunday we visited the Pistyll Rhaeadr waterfall, wow that is just such a magical spot. Its like something from the Hobbit.Its up the steepest windiest country roads (we felt like billygoats) but so worth the journey.
It was a beautiful weekend in a very special place and we were all very sad to come home and will definitely be going back to Strawberry Skies again.
All photos by Nicky Rockets

And as if that isn't enough fabulousness here is one of my latest outfit post videos

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  1. Firstly, I think that's the best blog title I've ever seen. The yurt looks amazing and it sounds like heaven on earth! x x

    1. ha ha glad someone got that. Leah it was just magic x

  2. Leopard print leggings and a Zap jumper?! I think you've been outdressed! Does it come in big girl size?! Also, we went "glamping" in North Wales last year; it was so much fun, beautiful and perfect for someone like me who isn't quite ready to sleep on the floor yet... x

    1. yes my daughter is so stylish isn't she x

  3. This is funny because before yesterday I had no idea what a yurt was but I was searching for a place to stay in Ramstein, Germany for the night and a yurt popped up as an option. I was like, this looks really cool but maybe not for that occasion (I'll be graduating and will need a shower/mirror!)

    1. I didn't really before I went to one but Im hooked now

  4. Fantastic title, oh and the slug making love to your face is so funny I've heard of yurts before thanks to Ewan McGregor's Long Way Round show but I didn't realise that there was any in the UK. I haven't been camping in years sleeping on the ground doesn't appeal much now but something like this would be fantastic.

    1. Yes its camping for ladies like em who like their little luxuries ha ha

  5. Excellent blog title, 3 points for you :D That photo of you and baba is so lovely xx


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