Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Claire Richards print prom dress

Fat? yes. Ungainly? never

One of the assumptions people too often make about plus size women is that its impossible for them to look graceful. 
For generations fat girls have been the target of jokes where we are compared to whales, the idea being that we are big, ungainly, trapped inside our bodies like a whale beached on sand.

But here's the thing.
Whales are among the most graceful and beautiful creatures on the planet. 
To witness a whale gliding in and out of the water singing its mournful song is to see one of the most glorious feats of nature and ladies this description can be used to describe you too.
Being fat does not mean you can't possibly possess finesse, elegance or poise. That's just a silly ignorant generalisation and we must stop buying into it.
Compare me to a whale if you must
Whales are beautiful and magical

Recently I have been shedding lots of unnecessary clutter. Possessions, work practices and also long held assumptions that I have picked up over my life like chewing gum stuck to the bottom of my shoe. 
One of these is my thoughts on what my body is capable of. I know its strong and amazing and has kept me safe and healthy all my life (even when I repaid it with crazy diets and self loathing) but I never thought it was capable of grace and I have realised I am doing it (and myself) a huge disservice.
Shedding the notion that I can never be graceful-its a crock

I am fat. I am graceful.I don't blunder through the world I tread lightly. 
I am capable of delicacy. I do not just have to embrace being "fierce" and "empowered" I can also embrace quiet gentle beauty-As a curvy woman its not an avenue of style or being that doesn't apply. I just needed to give myself permission (notice I'm talking about giving myself permission not seeking it from others)
I give myself permission to discard the idea that grace and plus size cant coexist

As I waft around my garden, smelling flowers, the dew of the grass making my feet slightly wet I can't help but feel like an English rose.

Changing ideas about what it is to be plus size is not just an external experience of educating others, we must also reeducate ourselves as well. It can be hard to discard notions you have held tightly for all of your life but for me once I made the decision to shed them I felt lighter, free and excited at how much potential I am capable of.

I am putting one elegant chubby foot in front of another and embracing the intrinsic delicateness of which we are all capable.

Photos by Nicky Rockets
Dress by Fashionworld
necklace by Blackheart Creatives
Shoes by primark
bag-Jasper Conran for Debenahams-past season

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