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Capturing The Curve: They came, They posed, They rocked!

Last Saturday was one of the most exciting work days I have ever had. 
I have been planning my Capturing the curve event with Lilly and Nicky Rockets for quite a long time and to have the day actually arrive was both nerve wracking and exhilarating.
For those who don't already know the idea was to hold a one day event where plus size hotties could come to a safe space and as well as listen to a couple of  motivational talks by myself and the rather wonderful plus size blogger  Becky Barnes be turned into  a total glamour babe and have some photographs taken.
Setting up
It all seemed to come together so quickly. Nicky Rockets designed me a logo (and hand printed some tee shirts for the event) I set up a facebook page and webpage, gave it a quick shout out and within a week it was sold out. I was amazed and so chuffed.
Our fab event tee shirt (modeled by Anjie)

Having your photograph taken (and the subsequent results) is an area which even some of the most confident plus size women can struggle with. 
In the age of constant photography where we are endlessly tagged on images and also have the pressure to find half way decent looking profile pictures it can be very demoralising if you feel you just don't take a good picture.
I have long believed that looking good in photos is nothing to do with size and shape but is actually to do with posing, having the right hair, make up and outfit and also feeling confident enough to take a few seconds to settle into your most flattering angle/pose before the photograph is taken.
To this end on the Capturing the curve event I gave a short tutorial on how to pose for photographs.
With the fantastic Becky Barnes
As a plus size fashion blogger I have my photograph taken all the time and know only too well how easy it is to take a bad photograph but with a few little tricks you can ensure you always look fab.
Babe indeed
Welcoming all the gorgeous babes
When the ladies arrived for the event I was so pleased to see how quickly this room full of strangers became friends. 
Becky Barnes giving her talk
Glamour to the max
Let the glamour begin

As well as listening to what myself and Becky had to say (Becky's story of her journey to self acceptance was so inspiring I wanted to do an air punch at the end, actually I may of come to think of it) they also sat around and shared their experiences of what it is to be a fat woman in a society that seems to  value slimness and youth above all things.

Curvy babes together
The energy in the room was absolutely amazing and I will be honest quite an emotional experience for me.Aside from going to plus north last year and  a few blogger events I had never been in a room full of nothing but sassy fat chicks-it was all kinds of awesome.

Beautiful and confident
Hollywood inspired glamour

Myself Lilly and Pookie Rae had the lovely job of helping turn these already gorgeous women into pin up material and it was so lovely to see all the fantastic looks that emerged.

Cutie patootie
Curvy girl on film
 From cute girl next door to smoldering siren and everything in between they all looked freaking amazing and having all professed to be really nervous about the photo shoot seemed to have the time of their lives once they realised that actually they were in a safe empowering space where their beauty was allowed to shine through.

118-plus size hottie
Vintage vixen

Fun and foxy
My thought process when planning this event was that I wanted to also include some of my fave plus size brands so approached some of them to see if they would act as sponsors.
Now I interact with lots of plus size clothing and accessory brands for my blog but as this wasn't a huge event I wasn't sure how easy it would be to get any companies involved. I'm so glad to report that the four brands who did get involved were so supportive and  generous. It was really encouraging how much they all got behind me and told me they loved my idea.

Slink magazine
Taking Shape

Yours Clothing gave us tote bags filled with sweets, pens and a piece of jewellery, Taking Shape were so kind giving each lady the most beautiful silver bag with hand cream, nail kits, keyrings and a whopping £10 voucher. 
Slink Magazine gave everyone the latest copy of their wonderfully glossy monthly magazine 
Yours Clothing-jewelry and sweeties-always welcome
Black Heart Creatives incredibly gave each of us a set of their "Fat babe" earrings in pink.I adore Black Heart Creatives work so was so chuffed they got invoved. Fat activism doesn't get prettier than this.
How fantastic are these earrings

All I can say to these companies is thank you from the very bottom of my heart. You made a group of women who have all experienced fat shaming, body snarking and much weight related heartache over the years feel like total queens. 
Smoldering siren
Blonde bombshell

The day flew by and soon all my gorgeous new friends were scooping up goody bags, swapping numbers and heading home.
This was such an amazing experience for me and I hope for the women involved. As these photos prove style and beauty has nothing to do with your dress size and everything to do with confidence. 
If you would like to book your own Capturing event get in touch here You need a minimum group number of ten and we are currently only offering bookings in Manchester and Liverpool.

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