Monday, 31 March 2014

Reasons To Be Happy 123

Its important to take time to smell the roses occasionally so here are a few things that have been making me happy recently.

Giving The Garden Some TLC
It might still be chilly but at least its looking jolly

Its spring and the garden at Pamper Towers has been crying out for some attention. Never one to turn down Mother nature when she comes a calling I have been planting, tidying and repainting all the woodwork so the garden now looks like a shiny new pin.
Potty about flowerpots

 It never fails to surprise me how therapeutic I find spending time in my garden (which is teeny tiny but very lovely)

Creating my Easter Display

Easter Love

I'm always looking for excuses to create displays and Easter is only a few weeks away so I decided it was time to dress the lounge in some Easter inspired finery.
Chicken candles and light up bunny's-perfect

Disco Jesus has a thorn made of lambswool
This year the theme is Alice in wonderlands Mad hatter.So I have candy coloured top hats featuring chicks and bunny's as well as my traditional Easter table which is always a variation of the same theme. brightly painted eggs tied to willow.

Easter is acoming

Kinder Hippos

Be warned these are very, very addictive. I am having to ration myself to one a day otherwise I can easily scoff three in one sitting.

Indoor Lanterns
paper lantern loveliness
I love to have lanterns in the garden but thought my pink kitchen might appreciate some too.These were only £7 from Primark and look so pretty. 

Seeing my lovely daughter in the Yours weekly email

This happened last week but it made me so happy. I opened my email to see a picture of me and Baba promoting Mothers Day. How adorable does she look!

Winning a £100 PinkClove voucher
I actually won something!!
Yes this actually happened. I didn't think anyone won anything from those facebook sharing type competitions but apparently you can and I did!! Watch this pace for the clothes haul of my life.
Whats been putting a smile on your dial?

Limited Edition Killer Curves Tee Shirts Now On Sale
My brand new Killer Curve tee Shirts cost £12 and are available to buy from here having curves never looked so good!

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