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Purple Layers With Added Wingz: Chiffon tunic from Taking Shape

Layer for my lady lumps

On the whole I tend to prefer clothes that have a slightly retro silhouette. 
Wiggle dresses, circle skirts or for casual wear leggings with oversized jumpers and a whiff of punk rock attitude. 
Sometimes though its nice to play around with clothing shapes which is where this rather fab frock by Taking shape comes in.
I love draping and layers but being both short and fat have to proceed with caution or can end up looking a little bit "Queen Victoria the mourning years"
I brought this chiffon tunic (£39 now in the sale) when I had my styling session at the Liverpool Taking shape a few months ago and this is its first outing. I'm off to a teaching job and didn't want to scare the horses with too much cleavage or fifties pin up styling.
Product shot on Taking Shape website
What I loved about this dress when I first tried it on is that whilst its a tunic shape, it has a few design quirks which stop it being too billowing. When I wear soft layers I want to feel like Stevie Nicks, ethereal and wispy not buried under mountains of badly overlocked polyester.
Great drawstring action under the bias

The first element is the tie just under the bias. This is actually elasticated so you can pull and knot either end and it creates a great ruched effect. This pulls it in at exactly the right point creating the merest hint of a waistline (even if like me you are currently sporting "creme egg gut")

Perfect if you have been hoovering up all the creme eggs this month

Great hem action

The second design feature which I absolutely adore is the uneven hemline. This lifts it from being something which could look slightly too sensible for my tastes to something with a slight edginess. 
I love slightly sheer fabrics-now you see it, now you don't

Because its so sheer I have teamed it with  a black vest and leggings. I always like slightly transparent material. Its cheeky and sexy without being too revealing.
I'm a big juicy grape

This dress comes in black or purple and whilst the black would probably be  a more sensible choice I just adore this  colour. I feel like a big juicy grape.

I have mentioned this before but I really love Taking Shapes accessories. Their jewelry is bold, loud and quite fabulous.This necklace isn't on their website anymore but may still be in store and currently a lot of their accessories are vastly reduced so worth a look.

Big, bold accessories for a big, bold Woman

One thing this lovely little number doesn't feature (along with so many other dresses) is long sleeves. I'm not sure what the weather is like where you are but its still a tad nippy here in West Kirby and really the last thing I wanted to do is put  a cardigan over this and spoil the shape. So I was very pleased to be sent a couple of sets of Wingz to try out. 

Wingz what agenius idea

Don't let the name fool you these aren't a new sanitary pad they are sleeves which you can add to any clothes without them. I was slightly skeptical as to how they would work but I am absolutely taken with them. 
I tried this style

In a nutshell they are almost like a bra without cups so a strap with sleeves attached sits under the bust and you put the sleeves on and voile, instant bingo wing cover. They are £15.99 and come in all different colours and materials so if you sick of having to put cardigans over half your dress collection well worth checking out. 

Look at my Wingz

I was sent the size 2 and they were very comfortable and well fitted. I have a lace pair as well which I will also try out but I think this black pair will be getting so much use.
Finally with this outfit I've gone for a beehive, a silver leopard print headband to pick up the silver in the necklace, a pair of Primarni pumps and a trusty pink jasper Conrad Kelly style tote bag.

A woman's work is never done

As with most bloggers I fit this in around my other work and being a mum and here is a classic example of my life. I'm ready to go to work, get my husband to take  a few snaps of me and on my way into the house get the washing in. This shot amused my husband for some reason so thought I would share it.

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