Sunday, 30 March 2014

Pink To make The Fattys Wink

Pretty in pink
I love the colour pink. If I didn't know better I would be convinced I was the illegitimate child of Barbra Cartland. My house is painted in varying shade of pink and my wardrobe features a lot of it.

J'Adore Pink
Its a colour that can divide.The "pink stinks" brigade worry that by dressing our daughters in pink and our boys in blue we are setting down predetermined gender roles (that's a complicated argument which I'm still unsure about, I remember believing that fiercely until I had  a daughter of my own who from an early age rejected the beautiful french navy and sea green clothes I brought her and seemed to instinctively yearn for pink,nature/nurture/outside indoctrination I just don't know) and there also seems to be a consensus that once a woman reaches a certain age she should ditch pink for more flattering shades of peach and taupe.
Fuck that I love bright, garish, so sweet it makes your teeth hurt pink and will wear it forever. 
F**k flattering-its pink all the way

Elizabath Tayor wrote that she thinks she must have had purple nappy's and I feel the same about pink. Its in my DNA.
Which brings me neatly to this outfit. Spring is always a good excuse for a new coat and I picked up this little beauty from primark last week.
I like the slightly 1960's feel of this coat

Its my favourite kind of shape. Its got more than a hint of the 1960's about it and the jacquard type fabric makes it look so much more expensive than it actually was (I seem to remember it was £35 but I'm not exactly sure)


I'm wearing this coat of loveliness with my new "My little pony" leggings and an oversized pink top, also both from primarni. The leggings are a size 18 and quite short in the body so if you carry your chub around your tummy like I do grab the biggest size going.

Yet again I've wheeled out my pink ballet shoes and for bling I'm wearing my unicorn pendent from Limecrime.
I'm in the pink
Whats pink, fat and sizzles? no not a sausage (not in my vege house that's for sure) me of course!

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