Thursday, 13 March 2014

My Pop Art Inspired Kitchen

I'm aware that the regularity of my blog posts has been a little patchy recently. 
I know there is no pressure from my lovely readers but I do like to keep you updated when I can and the main reason the blog isn't bursting at the scenes with content is that I've been really busy doing lots of work on my house.
Over the next few weeks I will share some of the other work I've been doing (and don't worry lots more clothing posts) but today I thought you might like to see my kitchen make over.
I've lived at pamper Towers for about 15 years now and as an avid cook the kitchen was one of the first rooms we decorated. As its a north facing room even after we replaced the small window with a bigger one and put in french doors it does have tendency to be dark so I had opted for a bright yellow colour. My taste at that point was quite rustic so I had shelves made of railway sleepers and wrought iron light fittings.
Its done very well but over the last few years I've really fell out of love with the colour and it was looking tired.
Packing everything up ready for its makeover

At first I toyed with painting it white (not any white of course but a rather beautiful shade of white by farrow and ball I had found) but my love for colour and kitsch and all things glam took over and instead I decided to paint it pink.
Finding a shade of pink that worked was actually really hard. I wanted it to be the pink of a sari not the pink of  a child's bedroom and I went through a lot of test pots, seeing what each shade looked like at different parts of the day.
In the end I chose a shade called peony by Laura Ashley. Its totally bubblegum and really helped me define the type of art and finish I wanted.
Testing, testing-trying to find the perfect shade of pink
Often when people show you pictures of their houses they don't show the utter chaos that ensued before reaching the bliss of the finished space but you know me, I like to show you every aspect so here is what the room looked like as we began.
Prepping the kitchen ready for its make over

We had to paint the entire room white to just freshen it up and ensure the pink went on as fresh and bright as possible. The gloss work was unsurprisingly looking a little yellow so that got a fresh lick of paint and I even painted the dark wood sleeper shelves white. We went very John and Yoko for day.
Painting it all white-Nicky Rockets showing that he's eaten his spinach

Then we were ready for the pink. As the walls were nicely prepped they only took two coats and the effect was instant. Bright, fun and totally over the top.

Even the railway sleeper shelves have been painted.
The pink is on the walls

I had fallen in love with some brightly coloured glass chandeliers I had seen in an interior magazine but they were completely out of my price range. I found these turquoise ones by Homebase which look so fantastic against the pink and more importantly offer loads of light.
Chandeliers in a kitchen-oh I think so

I replaced my wooden farm kitchen style chairs for these quite futuristic ones by Argos. I kept the big wooden kitchen table but just brought a polka dot tablecloth in duck egg blue from ebay.

I couldn't afford the Phillip Stark version so I got Argos instead

Loving how all my kitchen bits look against the pink
I had bookmarked a Andy Warhol canvas print of Elizabeth Taylor a while ago and it was this painting which gave me the inspiration for the whole room. It now takes pride of place above the piano.
Lovely Liz hanging above the old Joanna

Probably my most extravagant buy was my duck egg blue cooker. Its a Sebastian Conrad one for John Lewis.
Cutest cooker ever

 I had been using the cooker that came with the house and was down to two working rings and an oven that took two hours to cook a a pizza so it was time and it just finished everything off.

My sexy cooker

So there you have it, my pink pop art inspired kitchen. Its now the perfect room for taking photos of outfits when its wet outside and is a total joy to cook in,. 
The finished room before the new cooker went in

I often sit at the kitchen table with my laptop and do writing in the day which is something I never did when it was a dirty yellow colour so it has transformed the space. Its pretty in pink and I love it.

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