Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Mothers Day Magic

This coming weekend is Mothers day and as a mummy to a rather cute little girl I was chuffed when Simply be offered to help me celebrate by sending me and baba some swish togs to wear on Sunday.
Of all my achievements being mum to such a scrumptious little girl is without doubt the one I am most proud of.
Little girls rock!!

My road to motherhood was long and at times a bit sad so I couldn't quite believe it when this beautiful brown eyed bundle of life force entered my world and I actually got to keep her and be her mum forever!
Baba is funny, clever and above all things so kind. She decided at the age of five she wanted to become a vegetarian (I was already almost fully vege but we were still eating a bit of free range chicken on a Sunday) because as soon as she contemplated that meat came from living creatures it broke her heart. 
She has never swayed and even designed leaflets which her and her best friend gave out at the local Morrisons whilst I did a shop. They read "Free the animals, don't eat them" they were so sweet as they handed them out and left quite  a few little old ladies (of which West Kirby has a fairly high proportion) quite baffled.
Baba, sassy lover of My Little Pony, and strict Non meat eater
 I think this activist side comes from my mums side of the family although there were also some pretty rabid trade unionist in my dads side too so maybe its a mix of the two-whoops!
Simply be's Luxe Prom Dress-what a great frock for spring

The dress I've chosen to spend with my own poppet (my mum is in Nottingham so it will be a phone call and kisses down the phone until I see her at Easter) is this rather fab Luxe print prom dress £60
Pastel girlishness with a rather luscious print
Great print

Bowling bag and shoes of loveliness

Simply Be always really deliver when it comes to this style of frock. As well as having a beautiful print the style and cut is so wearable. Nice square neckline so its not too booby and a skirt that hits over the knee.
I've teamed it with my fave shoes of the moment the flower ballerina pumps which are only £15 My arm candy is this pastel bowling bag £40 which is so perfect for spring.
Mother daughter posing

I'm loving candy colours at the moment and a bowling bag is always a great shape for me as it can carry a multitude of notebooks, make up, and other assorted tat which I apparently cant leave the house without.
Babas outfit is from Simply be's Kid division which is starting to feature some really nice children's clothes. Ever the little trendy Wendy she instantly fell in love with the Pineapple  range.

Here she is sporting a Rara skirt, teeshirt hoodie and leggings in an 1980's stylee.The quality of the Pineapple stuff is fab and this whole outfit comes in at just over £50 so not bad at all. 
I'm being chased by a rabid Monster High fan-heavens help me!
The phantom handbag stealer strikes again

Mothers day can be a hard time for people who have lost their mums or perhaps have a fraught relationship or are estranged from them. Remember that you can always use the day to celebrate your own maternal instincts, we all have a neturing caring part of our lives whether we lavish this on kids, animals, partners or our friends and its perfectly ok to spend the day lighting a candle for a missed mother or writing a letter you will never post to a mother who you just cant have in your life.
Smeyes Baby
We may have watched too much Americans next top model

However you spend it (or if you simply ignore it) have a great Sunday.
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