Saturday, 1 March 2014

Memoirs Of A (fat) Geisha

This dress made me do a little excitement wee

I've always loved anything with an oriental print or Japanese inspired design so when I saw this Grazia floral print dress from Simply be I may have had a little excitement wee. I love it when clothes provide a tenalady moment.
How it looks on the website
After what feels like decades of having so little fashion choice it still blows me away that I can find a dress this beautiful and that yes its in my size. With every passing year I feel my style getting bolder and I absolutely love it. I was born to wear clothes like this and I'm so glad the world is catching up with my vision of how a fat girl should dress.I want clothes that are beautiful, eye catching and memorable for all the right reasons and this outfit does all that and more in my not so humble opinion.
This dress just announces spring. Like a silky floral foghorn

I feel absolutely gorgeous wearing this frock, like a well fed shanghai princess. At first glance it might seem too fancy for day wear but as you can see teamed with a black shrug its actually working as a rather splendid spring dress, and anyway you know my moto "save nothing for best"

Feeling all kinds of awesome in this dress

Orange and purple-such a killer combination

Orange and purple are such a great combination and the print is just lovely.Inspired by oriental cherry blossoms and floral motifs it also features a background print of lace.Its a print lovers dream that's for sure.
Fab U Lous

The style is semi fitted so not as unforgiving as body con. Its  loosely gathered at the waist and features a wide "obi"  belt which ties at either the back or front and gives the illusion of a nipped in waist.
Great "obi" style belt and pockets-I frigging love dresses with pockets

The wide neck and bat winged sleeve detail is slightly unforgiving if you are blessed in the chest department so you definitely need to wear a bra with a lot of support so you don't get "sausage boob" 
As you can see I didn't take my own advice and look a little droopy in the owd bangers department.Must try harder to match my underwear with my outfit I was obviously too busy backcombing my wig.
I think I'm turning Japanese I really think so

The material of this frock of dreams is very silky with a dulled satin finish and also has a jersey lining which means it isn't always riding up your knees every time you sit down.Its details like this which for me justify the £60 price label. Its a definite statement dress and one I know I will wear again and again.
The sizing is true but if you are between a size I would go for the larger option not because its particularly small but because the seams feel like they wont take too much strain.
I'm keeping the accessories simple (well apart from a giant flower sprouting out of the side of my head but you know what I mean)

Such a bold dress definitely doesn't need many accessories so I simply added a purple flower to my hair and am using a small embroided bag which I've had for years and was originally by Monsoon. On my feet I'm wearing my Westwood homage ballet pumps and because its still freezing a pair of leggings.
Its not  a dress, its art

I love this dress so much I have had it hanging next to my bed, rather like a peice of art (which I guess it is) so I can see it when I wake up in the morning. That my friends is what I call having a fashion boner and I didn't even have to buy it dinner-result!

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