Sunday, 9 March 2014

Look At My Comical Fat legs: Comic Book Themes Tights from Primark

Lavishing my plus size pins with love

Like many plus size hotties I have received more than my fair share of comments about my legs over the years. 
"tree trunks" "wobbly" "chunky" the words used by others to describe my wonderful limbs have never been particularly complimentary which is why now I give them lots of love and attention. 
These legs have ran, danced, paced up and down whilst feeding my baby, jumped in puddles, sprinted through shops, walked with purpose or sometimes just for pleasure. They continue to offer me freedom and they deserve respect.I no longer view them as cellulite ridden things to be hidden but as strong awesome body parts that help me continue my life journey as a confident proud, beautiful fatty.
Comic Book Tights-Perfect for the a plump superhero

That's its Spiderman-wrap your spidey senses around my calves
So I was delighted to find these comic book themed tights in Primark recently and despite being slightly concerned the size large would end up at my knees I took a chance and splurged a whole £5 for them and I'm so glad I did.
Featuring Spiderman and lots of other comic book artwork they are like nylon leg art. 

Flashing some thigh

I'm only just getting away with this size and if they offer them in an XL and you are over an 18/20 I would opt for them (they didn't have any left or may never have offered them I'm not sure)

Tights this fabulous work brilliantly with a black tube skirt and teeshirt

My ankles are tingly with Spidy senses

I've teamed my tights of nerd with a black pencil skirt from Pink clove which I brought just before Christmas and I have had so much wear out of (its only £12 too so a total bargain)
These legs take me on adventures-for that they command respect and garish tights

Comical yes but also awesome

My teeshirt is of course from my  my own range  Curverella and the zombies which is £13.
Tee Shirt from my own range of teeshirts featuring a fabulous fat heroine Curverella
I've gone for a fat rockabilly princess vibe with a beehive and a headscarf from Diablo Jos  My lipstick is shade OMG by Sleek. The star of the show though are of course these tights. My legs are basking in the attention they are receiving and quite right too.

Limited Edition Killer Curves Tee Shirts Now On Sale
My brand new Killer Curve tee Shirts cost £12 and are available to buy from here having curves never looked so good!

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