Wednesday, 5 March 2014

It could be worse. I could be fat

There are much worse things than being fat
Sometimes writing a body positive blog celebrating Women of all shapes and sizes can be hard. As much as I love fashion and my readers feedback I wont lie, being called a fat bitch or having people "critique" my outfit choices in a negative way on a regular basis can take its toll. 
There also seems to also be a school of thought that says fat girls have had their moment and actually everything is hunky dory for us because we can buy a floral jumpsuit in a size 26.
 I guess if you only dip your toe into the rarefied world of plus size bloggers and quality broadsheets this might seem the case but a headline last week totally reminded me why its so important to keep banging the drum and promoting body acceptance at any size and condemning those who body snark and fat shame.
Yes this really happened
Serial killer Joanna Dennehy who has just received a full life sentence for killing three men (and attempting to murder two more) made the headlines because when she was booked for these offenses she laughingly told police officers “It could be worse – I could be big, fat, black and ugly.”
Now whats really interesting is that the headlines that accompanied this omitted to include the racist element of her comment or the "ugy" comment and instead focused on her saying "It could be worse I could be fat " 
This very important omission changes the context from basically highlighting that Dennehys hateful view of the world extends to anyone she views as different to making it a statement about how in her warped life view she may be a murderer but at least she isn't fat.
The reporting on this comment focused almost entirely on how awful it was that she was laughing rather than acting contrite (newsflash she is a serial killer processing normal emotions is probably not her forte) rather than highlighting the absurd way she still felt superior over fat people even as she prepared to spend the rest of her life sitting in a grubby cell. 
I would hazard a guess that this is because the message that to be thin is always preferable to being fat even if you are a cold bloodied killer is one we are spoon fed every day.
Even comments I saw posted on various facebook pages and newspaper websites had people saying "I may be fat but at least I'm not a killer" as if overweight people may for once have a right to feel equal or morally superior because hey next to some pond scum who said killing was "moreish" even fatty's seems OK.
This is so messed up I don't even know where to begin and it has put even more fire in my large belly. 
Three men were killed at this Woman's hands, the trail of devastation she left in her wake is unimaginable and yet somehow the media make it about being fat.
I'm rolling up the sleeves of my beautiful plus sized dress because dear reader this has brought into sharp focus how much further we really have to go and only when reporting like this is no longer consider acceptable and only when poor deluded souls no longer feel they are only a winner as a fat person when comparing themselves to a psychopath can I sit back and relax.

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  1. Excellent post and a good point. The framing by the newspaper is just unnecessarily offensive to fat people, who they obviously feel safer having a go at that black people.

  2. I'm shaking my head so much at that headline I'm in danger of whiplash.

    Using the murder of 3 people as an attempt to put the boot into fat people is as (pardon my French) fucking low as you can get. What can you expect from a red top? I'd wipe my arse on it but I'd get a paper cut.

    It just shows the need to be visible and active in fat acceptance all the more. x x

  3. Oh my my my insanity. I am fat, short and disabled, fair game for any hate monger. The only way to wipe out this insideous behavior is to teach each generation it is not okay to judge or bully. We have set an example of appropriate behavior and not give up. Thank you for your beautiful and inspiring blog.

  4. Oh my god. I am so disgusted at the entire statement she made and it annoys me even more that the media chose to focus on the 'fat' part of it. Thank you for doing this blog post, I agree with everything you said and I love the way you write x

  5. You're right and I'm glad someone else feels the same way I do. Sure, being overweight is not healthy, but for society to constantly point out how bad it is, definitely makes me question whether I should feel OK to wear a certain articles of clothing or even trying dating. There are worse things, but sometimes it feels that everyone is against you.

  6. I read this post the other day and I've been meaning to comment.

    This really struck a chord with me too. I mean it says a lot about society that the paper decided to tweak what she said to form this headline knowing that it would help boost sales! I mean talk about misplaced priorities....

    No need for me to even comment on her mental state which is obviously off balance as she has decided to become a serial killer!.............Shocking...........


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