Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Im taking over your(s) inbox

A few week ago you may remember I was invited along to Yours Clothing HQ to try on clothes from their latest collection and have my photograph taken in the process. 
It was a fabulous day (I wrote about it here) I was given carte blanche to try on anything I liked, raid their accessories, I even did my own hair and make up and basically put my own Betty stamp on their range.
The Yours team had mentioned they were going to use the images on a newsletter and on their website but I had no idea when and once I had come back down to earth I had almost forgotten about it.
So it was very exciting on Saturday when I started getting a few tweets from people to say my chubby little face had invaded their inbox (I was at work so wasn't really able to check my emails) sure enough the Yours team had put together a fab style guide featuring all my pictures and the quotes I had given them about my take on style and fashion as a plus size babe.
Its me-bursting into your inbox

I'm so thrilled I was asked to be involved with this. I'm a firm believer that every time a big company like Yours uses a short fat non model like myself to promote their clothes it instantly gives thousands of other short fat non models a relatable image and shows them how great clothes can look on someone with non amazonian plus size proportions. 
I heart posing

I love to see clothes modeled by beautiful girls with amazing figures but it can be a struggle to envisage how something will look on your body shape when you never see it represented. Plus size bloggers provide this service daily and I know I check in with many of my faves to see how a certain outfit will look but to have this also promoted by a national company is amazing.
Making the exsperience even sweeter was the fact that my little girl came on the photoshoot with me and ended up being included in  a few shots at the end of the day which were also included on the feature. These have really made my heart almost burst. 
With the Yours Team and my little pride and joy

I know we still have so far to go when it comes to representations of women in the media and in fashion but I'm feeling so optimistic for the future.
I'm a short, fat mum,not a slinky twenty something and for one day I was the face of a fabulous plus size fashion line. Its a tiny victory for all of us who still have those "I'm too fat/old/untrendy" days. Style has nothing to do with the date on your birth certificate or the number on your dress label.Lets take our place in the world as beautiful confident woman who are deserving of lovely well fitting clothes. Shoulders back, boobs out-Lets do this thing!
Its poignant that my daughter was included in the shoot as I really hope that by the time she is my age images of women who look like me are part of the everyday. So commonplace they don't even merit a mention.
Thankyou "Yours" for being so splendid to me on the day and for letting me take over your blog, website and email newsletters this month.
Vive le Fatty Bumbum!

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