Tuesday, 11 March 2014

I'm A Big Fat Fox: Animal print tunic by Anna Scholz for Simply Be

Ready to party with Smurfette

Last weekend was my best friend Lily's 30th birthday. A night of Mexican food and many, many cocktails was planned and I knew I wanted to wear something really special which is where this beautiful animal print tunic by Anna Scholz for Simply be came in.Ding dong its an absolute beaut.

I had been invited to the launch of the new Anna Scholz collection for Simply be last month but the crazy weather saw my train to London cancelled so instead I had to look longingly at all the other bloggers photos of the beautiful clothes that were shown. 
Like the little match girl pressing her nose against the brightly lit window I shivered and moaned until the team at Simply be couldn't bear it any more and sent me this dress to review. Happy days!

Finally getting my paws on some of the new Anna Scholz collection-happy days
The first thing I love about this dress is the colour. Burnt orange is such an underused colour and when coupled with a black leopard print its just gorgeous.This is a dress that demands attention. No sneaking in the side door or hiding in the crowd, its loud, its striking and whilst I didn't carry a watermelon its fair to say no one puts this baby in the corner.
I love orange so much-it always makes me feel like a glamorous satsuma
Aside from its show off tendencies this dress is also so wearable. Its described as a "tunic" but unlike some of the shapeless offerings I've seen also using this term this frock doesn't make you look like a cube, it has enough stretch in it that it gives a great silhouette and whilst it doesn't cling to every lump and bump its still semi fitted and sexy.
I'm loving the shape of this dress-not as fitted as a bodycon but minus the tent effect of other "tunic" style dresses
I know I've done bodycon to death a bit recently which is why this shape is such a nice change. Its actually very comfortable and teamed with black leggings looks very on trend.It was a perfect choice for a dinner date as it allowed me to be very greedy without the worry that I would split my difference.
Black leggings work brilliantly with the black sleeve detail and ensured Liverpool was spared the sight of my corn beef legs (its still  a bit nippy here and I refuse to fake bake until after Easter)
I'm really pleased they have included black arms on this dress. Its still far too cold to go without a cardigan and for a night out you can get a bit sick of having to team everything with a shrug like a pensioner at the opera. More sleeves designers we demand them!

A dress wit sleeves-get in
I had been worried that the round neck might give me "boob shelf" but as you can see it is working rather well with my rather large bazooms.In fact I feel I have really defied the fashion odds with this frock as usually anything with a round neck in a tunic shape makes me look like an Adipose from Doctor Who but I felt like a leopard print covered fox instead (I promise not to steal rubbish out of your bins or make weird blood curdling sounds in the middle of the night but if you leave your patio doors open on a balmy night I can't promise I wont creep in)
A tunic dress that doesn't have  a whiff of tent about it-well that's a first for me
My night out was fabulous. I drank far too many strawberry daiquiris and pina coladas, ate a lot of vegetarian chimichanga and most importantly of all toasted my bestie as she sashays into her flirty thirties. Bravo!

Happy Birthday Lily you blue haired lovely

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