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How To Make A Bird Cage Veil Fascinator

Hair fasinators-look so good and so easy to make
Its been a while since I featured any craft projects on my blog so thought I would get out my gluegun and once a week share some handmade loveliness with you. If you have swung on over to see me in fat fabulous frocks don't worry its business as usual tomorrow but I love doing crafts so hope you will indulge me.
I adore a birdcage veil and if you are going to ladies day at the races or looking to make something for your wedding this project couldn't be simpler.
The shape and materials used in this fascinator would compliment most wedding dress styles and can of course be adapted to suit your theme.

You will need

White tear drop sinamay base. These can be purchased at haberdasheries or online at milliner’s stores.
One metre white netting for the veil. This can be purchased at fabric shops or online.
White feathers (I used marabou as I wanted the fascinator to be fluffy like a bird’s tail but you can go for sleeker option)
Hot Glue Gun
Plastic hair comb
White Doves bird decoration (available at craft stores or online)
Pencil or craft tool (this is to save your fingers whist using the hot glue gun)

Step One

Put a drop of glue on the tip of each feather and attach them in rows to your sinamay base. 

The desired effect is for it to look like a birds plume so keep this in mind as you create your shape. Use your pencil to gently press down each feather for a second to ensure it is stuck down properly.

Step Two
Cut out your veil shape. I used approximately 20 centimetres by 20 centimetres. If your material has a scalloped edged or pattern keep this in mind when attaching it.

Step Three

To create the bird cage effect I brought in the two bottom edges of my piece of veil and use a tiny spot of glue to pull them in slightly. I then used my pencil to ensure it had attached. This should create a nice curved shape to the bottom of your veil.

Step Four

Gather the top of your veil fabric together and glue it to the narrowest part of your base. 

You may want to see how the veil sits best on the base using pins to ensure you get the right position for you.

Step Five

Glue your bird decoration onto the base to cover where the veil is attached.

Step Six

Measure the length of your hair comb and cut out a thin strip of felt. Glue this to the underside of your base at the point where you want it to attach to your head (keep in mind how you will be wearing your hair on the day)

Step Seven

Cover the top of your hair comb with ribbon and then attach it to the sinamay base on the strip of felt (this will ensure it is quite secure)

Leave to fully dry before wearing it. Bridal hair and hot glue is never a good mix.

The finished item

If you enjoyed this I have plenty of other craft projects over on my crafts page
I also have a book called Handmade Wedding Crafts which features this and lots of other fabulous vintage inspired wedding craft projects for your delectation.
*Disclaimer-Please be careful when using hot glue guns. I bear no responsibility for any craft related injuries you might receive in the pursuit of handmade loveliness. As with any craft or DIY project the reader undertakes it at their own risk.
All Photos by Nicky Rockets

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