Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Doggy Woof Woof: Dog print skater dress from Fashionworld

Down Boy
Life can sometimes demand that we are serious, fate can often step in and slap us right around the chops with absolutely no warning. Which is why I'm a great believer in injecting fun and whimsy into life as much as you can. Which brings me neatly to today's outfit.I love anything with a dog or cat motif on (but not owls-never owls too folksy for my glam obsessed palette) so this dog print skater dress from Fashionworld was barking my name.

How it looks on the website

Fashion whimsy-good for the soul
I know I moan a lot about the idea of fatty's wearing black because it's "slimming" but that's really taking my past self to task for spending too long being a fat goth (although I'm still a fat goth but one that wears lots of colour now) but I am loving this black and white frock especially worn with black leggings and leopard print accents.

This dress was calling me like a fashion dog whistle

OK I take it back sometimes black is fab

I feel fun and chic in this outfit which can be a hard combination to pull off. The style of this dress is one of my favorites and it has a slightly 90's grungey feel to it. I could see it working quite well with a pair of doctor martins and a beanie hat. 

This could easily work as a grunge inspired frock if you lost the belt
How cute is this print

 But I don't have either of those things (they will be up in the loft with my Sonic Youth records and lipstick covered photos of River Phoenix)  so Instead I'm channeling Pebbles from the Flintstones with a purple leopard print headband, leopard print pumps (from Littlewood's ages ago) and an oversized leopard print tote from Primarni.

Betty Rubble

 I have belted the dress as I felt it looked  a little  too baggy but that's  just personal preference. You know me I would add a belt to my nightie given half the chance.

The sizing on this little cutie is true and quite generous which is great as it means the buttons on the front aren't straining like a puppy on a leash (see what I did there) I'm also loving the long sleeves which are turned up with a button detail so go to the wrist if you so desire. 
Fatshion-Yeah baby
I'm wearing my "Fatshion" necklace which I was given at Plus North. I have no idea who made it but if you do give me a shout as I would love to credit them.
I'm a grown woman wearing a dress covered in tiny scotty dogs and I couldn't be happier about it. 

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