Sunday, 23 March 2014

Boohoo To You Too Fatty

I was quite excited when I heard that fashion brand Boohoo were launching a plus size range. I love Boohoos clothes. I think of them as a more affordable Asos and the promise of getting edgy, cool clothes in fat sizes which don't cost the earth pleased me no end.
Boohoos new plus size range

I was invited to the launch event in London but I was just too busy to go, so how chuffed was I when they sent me a goody package including my choice of favourite frock and what a frock it is.
We have officially had the first day of spring and as soon as that happens I just instinctively want to wear bright pink so as soon as I saw the Kerry dress in hot pink I knew it had to be mine.
The Kerry Dress-How it looks on the website

Wearing block colours in brights is to my mind such a perfect way to sound the spring/summer clothing klaxon.Sod off winter I insist Spring takes centre stage with its cocky yellow daffodils and slightly lighter evenings (you are such a tease little Miss March)
Sounding the Klaxon for spring

At just £22 I had no idea what the quality or fit of this dress would be like but am very happy to report that its absolutely lovely. 
The shape is classic skater dress with a very cool square neckline and a minimum amount of paneling so no wobbly lines ruining the look of it. 

I'm in the pink

The pink is perfectly bubblegum and the jersey fabric feels thick and not cheep in the least.
Loving that its not a knicker skimmer

The length is also great hitting just at the knee so is not too much of  a knicker skimmer.
No I wont take the flowers out of my hair

I've teamed this with a flower headdress (someone recently commented on a picture of me on facebook saying "cute dress but take that thing off your head" thanks for such fab feedback this ones for you lady) 
Nude Jellys for my trotters
Oh yes

On my feet are  nude jelly shoes (another homage to Viv Westwood ones) from Primark and a Lipgloss Goddess necklace which my bestie Lilly brought me.
Loving your work Boohoo

Boohoo you have rocked my world. Im so excited to see where this collection goes but if this dress is any indication its all good baby!

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  1. I love your blog, but you really don't help my keep to my my spending ban ;) That dress is gorgeous, so great to see a square neckline. Please, please keep wearing those "things" on your head, because I love em! x

  2. Silly person to say get the flowers off. I have gone flower crazy bought about 6 different ones so you keep rocking them lovely ;) xx

  3. Oh, I love flower crowns so knickers to anyone who doesn't. Ain't their business what you put on your head anyway. :)

    I was worried the clothes might be really cheap and thin for the price but that looks really nice quality. x x

  4. I love this look on you it's so bright, cute and girly. That colour looks gorgeous against your skin tone too! The new collection looks lush and I can't wait to pick up some new bits!

  5. That dress is so lush. And I for one think you are *rocking* the flower crown! x

  6. Iove the dress, the bag and goddammit the flowers too! I've been growing out a short bob so I'll be looking for gorgeous hair accessories like that soon. What size does Boohoo go up to?

  7. Great news that they've FINALLY gone up past a size 14!! Hopefully the range will expand as it's popularity does. As for the flowers, why would anyone say that?!! I'm obsessed with hair flowers : )


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