Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Rock n Roll Valentines

Before I get stuck into this post let me state for the record I am all about the love, I don't even have a big problem with the concept of Valentines day. What bores me a little is the onslaught of themed articles and fashion spreads that bash you around the head. No I don't want to buy a cocktail dress to wear to an overpriced restaurant that "needs the table back by 9pm" I want to celebrate love with the things I enjoy. Food, sex and sassy clothes that make me feel empowered and strong, So this dear readers is my take on Valentines chic.
I suppose a woman with my shaped body should avoid wearing fitted teshirts and jeans oh I almost forgot I don't give two sweet f**s.
Anyway I'm coming off as feisty when in all honesty I'm a total pussycat,.

The inspiration behind this outfit was these jeggings by Yours clothing. Ladies if you have always been scared by jeans/jeggings because you are a round ball of love give these babies a spin. They do the near impossible-they fit around the waist and are fitted at the leg AND you don't get a big gut overspill at the waist. these things can not be underestimated. They also make your arse look fantastic (hey fat girls celebrate those big fine butts)
Fat bottomed girls we make the rockin world go round

My big fat arse
I spied this tee shirt in Primark a few weeks ago and despite the fact I strongly suspect the Coca cola corporation is actually owned by the devil I had to have it. It was also a fiver which made me happy, because well you know I'm a stingebag.

I just loved the rolled up sleeves and distressed look of the thing and the fact that it long enough to ensure I don't risk flashing camel toe is a bonus.
Look at me in my rockabilly tee
Because I am the matchy matchy queen of the Wirral Peninsula Ive also tied my hair up with a leopard print bandana (made for me by Lilly Von Smurf) and I'm wearing my current bestest in the world eva! boots.
Matchy, matchy bitches

I love these boots so much I may dry hump them

Also by Yours these black ankle boots are just so comfortable. I find wearing any sort of heel really uncomfortable after a few hours but these leopard print embellished foot hotties are good to go. No ball of the feet spasms, no ripping them off and walking bare foot in the snow-yet again if you usually avoid heeled shoes or boots give these a spin.
Not sure what this pose is all about-I look like my feet are being filmed for the opening credits of The Bill (it looked sexier in my head)

Drink Coke-it will make your teeth soft
So this is my punk rock Valentines outfit. Not a pink heart or thin strap to be seen. My idea of the perfect valentines celebration? watching some obscure rock documentary on BBC4 in bed with Nicky Rockets eating crisps. Who said romance is dead?
Planning a complicated Valentines celebration involving not leaving the house

Great balls of fire

All photos of Betty by Nicky Rockets

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