Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Just Curvy Betty

Just Curvy baby

Its fantastic that so many new plus size brands are springing up and even better than some of them offer what I call "fast fashion" 
Fast fashion for me  is getting a quick fix of a current trend without breaking the bank. Its not quite as disposable as Primarni but won't set you back like Asos Curve.Its a fashion fumble rather than full blown nookie and sometimes that's just what you fancy.
Whats red and black and fat all over?

Just Curvy is to my mind one such brand. Its website is jam packed with inexpensive fashionable clothes which won't break the bank. 
Without sounding like a pensioner its quite "young" and I had to wade through a fair few tee shirts with things like "Vogue" written on them and owl jumpers before I hit fatty gold  but the dress section is fantastic. It seems to have a lot of reduced AX Paris stuff on there which as a bit of an APX fan is no bad thing.
Wiggle wiggle

I seem to be going through a bit of a "red" phase when it comes to going out frocks. Pent up anger? Wannabee Scarlet Woman? nah I just like red.It matches my eyes.
I really liked the black bottom of this dress as its a great way to balance out my "Child of a Russian doll" proportions and is quite a forgiving way to wear something skin tight when your dress size is in double figures.
Loving the crochet detail

I also love the crochet detailing and cropped sleeves.I feel quite Audrey hepburnesque in it. I realise I look like I've just eaten Audrey especially as I took these photos after scoffing a big curry (I'm such a fashion blogger pro-not) but in my head I'm singing Moon River and wiping ginger cat hair off my frock.
This dress is great if you have junk in da trunk
One thing this dress does do is make your bottom look amazing so if you have a nice juicy booty this frock this should be calling you like a big bummed siren. 

I've teamed the dress with my red goldigga wedges and leopard print clutch by fashionworld.I realise I have shown you these a few times but I like them and they looked good so get over it.
I'm so pretty
The sizing on this is a bit stingy, so if you are the proud owner of a large set of bangers I would recommend sizing up. The fabric does feel vaguely flammable but at £24 its a bit of a steal so I'm just been picky-just don't stand next to me with a lit match, what with that and the half can of hairspray on my wig I could easily become the human torch.

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